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This page provides a setup to install several tools for dealing with vandalism. Use of these tools by new or inexperienced users is not recommended. Use of these tools are subject to Wikipedia policies and guidelines. Abuse or inappropriate use of these tools can lead to removal of access to such tools or blocking of your user account.

Use with care!

Hey there, are you an experienced Wikipedian interested in becoming a vandal fighter or a veteran who'd like to have some better equipment? I've compacted several things that should make your vandal fighting repertoire fast and effective. This page contains programs and scripts that are as close as possible to my configuration and may not necessarily have/recommend all the possibilities listed at the cleaning up vandalism page. I'm pretty sure you will enjoy this compilation nonetheless! So without further ado, here are three tools that will provide you practically anything you need to clean up vandalism...

Tool #1: Huggle[edit]

Huggle is a very powerful tool for cleaning up vandalism and requires the rollback permission in order to use (see Tool #3: Rollback). The program shows a ticker on the left of the screen where you can click on an edit and view it instantly. By the simple press of the revert icons you can revert to the previous version of the page and warn the vandal at the same time. You can also report users to AIV through automatic on screen prompts or manually if the situation calls for it. If you have all the necessary system requirements to run Huggle you can download the current version by clicking here! Please read WP:HUGGLE very carefully before installing and using.

Tool #2: Scripts![edit]

There are numerous scripts to which I could link under this section...but why bother doing that...when I could give you ONE script that contains them all :D? Here is what you get with this script:

  1. AzaToth's browser based vandal fighting script Twinkle. The script also includes added tabs to warn a user, report a user to AIV, tag a page for speedy deletion, request that a page be sprotect/fully protected, and much more! (Note: Does not work in IE)
  2. Ais523's hide your top contributions script. It adds a tab at the top of your contributions that allows you to toggle your view to hide or reveal pages that you last edited.
  3. A script I tweaked based on Ais523's color coded contribution script. When you view your contributions, edits made to pages in which you were the most recent contributor show highlighted in White and edits made to pages in which you were not the most recent contributor are highlighted in Red.
  4. Lupin's recent changes filter, a script that adds a link to the toolbox menu at the left that if you click jumps to a filtered version of recent changes. This filter allows you to view changes that contain profanities or typical vandal memes.
  5. A simple script I wrote to instantly jump to a user's page move log by clicking a tab at the top of their user page.
  6. Mr.Z-man's revert all page moves script. The script gives you a "revert all" tab at the top of a user's page move log which you can click to instantly revert all their vandal page moves. (Note: If you are a FireFox user you must have FF3 for this script to work)
  7. A script that adds WP:AIV to your Navigation menu on the left.


So without further ado, here is the script you need to install...

importScript('User:Persian Poet Gal/vandal.js');

Copy and paste the code posted above into your monobook and bypass your cache by following the instructions here.

These scripts were tested in the default Monobook skin and may not work in the other skins.

Tool #3: Rollback[edit]

Rollback can be an extremely useful tool when reverting large scale vandalism. By opening a user's contributions, right clicking rollback, and selecting "Open a new tab" on the gray popup menu; you can revert numerous vandal revisions with speed. Rollback is a tool which one can only obtain by request or if one is an administrator. You can request access to the rollback tool here.

Well that's everything! Good luck out there and remember...

"Don't revert till you see the diffs of their edits!"—Quote from WP:MOTTO, inspired from John Paul Jones's Battle of 1812 quote.