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Concurrency notes[edit]

Computer multitasking
Deterministic algorithm
Process (computing)
Execution (computing)
Preemption (computing)
Concurrency (computer science)
Thread (computing)
Temporal multithreading
Simultaneous multithreading
Context switch
Scheduling (computing)
Concurrency control
Concurrent computing
Fiber (computer science)
Task (computing)
Actor model
Synchronization (computer science)
Lock (computer science)
Cache coherence
Readers–writer lock
Double-checked locking
Semaphore (programming)
Mutual exclusion
Busy waiting
Critical section
Monitor (synchronization)
Barrier (computer science)
Reentrant mutex
Priority inversion
Parallel computing
Deadlock prevention algorithms
Race condition
Resource starvation
Call collision
Racetrack problem
Non-blocking algorithm
Shared memory
Message passing
Memory coherence
Cache invalidation
Embarrassingly parallel
Parallel slowdown
Software lockout
File locking
Multi-core processor