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Peter H. St. John[edit]

I'm a software developer, have degrees in math, play go and chess, and was on the MOO after it was a Goat Path but before MMORPG; am eclectic yet opinionated. Peter H. St.John, M.S. 16:42, 28 November 2006 (UTC)


I grew up with the idea that attribution of scholarship is critical, and part of the scholarship. This is compatible with the new Wiki concept, that attribution of authorship accrues to a nonpersonal community instead of identifiable individuals. However, this is a big socio-psychological paradigm shift for me, so I'm slow to create articles, but quicker to post stuff to discussion pages. Hopefully I'll adapt. --Pete

In response to a recent question on the New Contributor's help page, I wrote:
More can be said about the distrust in Academia, however. Many scholars dislike Wiki because of the anonymity; the wiki article itself does not credit authorship to a specific person. I'd argue that the precepts of good scholarship still hold: 1) Peer Review, at the heart of good scholarship. Here, we participate actively with the peer review process dynamically with the publication; that is, the processes are in parallel instead of sequential, but actually more transparent than anonymous peer reviewers selected by editorial boards. 2) Wiki is not a primary source. Original work is published elsewhere and Wiki merely glosses and references that work. Authors should generally not cite Wiki, but cite the references cited by Wiki, after first checking them. Pete St.John 16:21, 9 May 2007 (UTC)


Adapt or become extinct... --sccr13plyr [see Genetic Algorithms --Pete]

Stubs I've Started[edit]

Blue Collar Computing project at Ohio Supercomputer Center which, however, got immediately rewritten by their PR department.

GRAPE "GRAvity PipE" supercomputer for astrophysics at Tokyo (not to be confused with GRAPE graphics processing system).

Thomas Sterling computer scientist who contributed early to Beowulfry. I'm trying to nag into expanding the article.

Flat Neighborhood Network for FNN.

The Ciompi Quartet a string quartet at Duke, real nice guys and beautiful musicians. I needed the link for my sister's article, but found it had been a dead link from other places too.

User:Peter_St._John to redirect here. The typography of a two-word surname, with an abbreviation, has been the bane of my existence :-)

John Riordan author of the text Carlitz gave me to read, Introduction to Combinatorial Analysis.

David A. Leigh the U.K. nanotechnologist recently noted for a rotaxane molecular machine, for disambiguation vs. the British journalist David Leigh.

WSEAS the World Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society.

Articles I've Initiated[edit]

Leonard Carlitz legendary Duke mathematician. I entered as a freshman the year he retired, but got to read Riordan with him.

Pamela St. John American composer and my sister.

Mike Reed the mathematician (I took some courses from him at Duke long ago) partly to distinguish from Mike_Reed the computer scientist.

Useful Links for Editors[edit]

Requests for Administrator Attention e.g. mass revert spam.

New Contributors' Help Page self-explanatory

Wikipedia-Bootcamp, live chat with clueful, helpful people; a link to a java applet if you don't use IRC is Bjelleklang's web client

Templates for editors, mainly I want "advertising", "cite your sources" etc.

Pete's scratchpad[edit]

Pete, reply ready at my talk page. --Vaughan Pratt 19:30, 5 November 2007 (UTC)


Mathematics and Mathematical Science & Engineering[edit]

The Mathematics Wiki Portal

Mathematics Wiki Project Page

Enumerative...Combinatorics, not to be confused with Enumerative Combinatorics

Beowulf Computing not to be confused with the hero.

SAGE open source mathematics software. Unfortunately, relies on Python.


Pete's Scratch Pad

Chess and Go, ancient strategy board games. Go, the American name adopted from the Japanese, is "Wei Chi" in Chinese and "Paduk" in Korean.

The English Language Wiktionary

The Spanish Language Wiki Dictionary

Paul Graham writes provocative, interesting essays mostly about CIS geeky topics.

External Links[edit]

The American Go Association (I'm amateur U.S. Sho Dan)

The U.S. Chess Federation (I'm an Expert, about 2100 U.S.)


Barnstar of Humour3.png The Barnstar of Good Humor
Awarded to Pete St.John for making me laugh out loud. Great humor and witty observations are always appreciated - keep it up! -- Satori Son 21:51, 22 January 2007 (UTC)

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