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I am a retired computer programmer living in the Boston area. I have a Ph.D. in philosophy (Wisconsin, 1973), of which I have made very little use (two published articles), but the work did provide me with background in scholarly writing.

My current interest is in paleontology, the field in which I have made most of my Wikipedia contributions. As I have no academic background in the subject and am not acquainted with any paleontologists, I must work from library resources, from books I buy, and from information publicly accessible on the web.

I have experience with elementary school children, including one year as a Title I aide, and feel very positive about working with that age group. I am currently combining my interests, writing a children's book (4th or 5th grade) on the history of the synapsids from their appearance in the late Carboniferous to the diversification of mammals in the Paleocene and Eocene.

I have been editing Wikipedia since December 2010, nearly always in the realm of paleontology. Editors far more knowledgeable than I do respect my contributions and the views that I express on talk pages; this is very gratifying.

When I created the account as a newbie, I included my middle initial in my user name as I was used to the ambiguity associated with having a common name. I now realize that there is no User:Peter Brown, so this was unnecessary and added a formality not to my liking. I have accordingly specified "Peter Brown" as my nickname and added a note to Wikipedia:Username policy#Guidance for new users recommending that individuals reflect on the desired level of formality in their choices.