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description of monachus globe, renaissance section, item 337, James Siebold

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StevensonMonachus (96-98)


History of science in Belgium from Antiquity to 1815

Karrow p507

family name Munnink, Munnicks Smunck Le Moyne b1490 3 possible entries in university records enrolled 1510 able astronomer globe before 1526? Carondelet had letter published 1526 is mentioned in text reprinted Gallois 1890 ref Harrisse 1866 p243 erroneous dating to 1524 NIjhoff and Kronenberg 1923 2 no 3040 Troeyer, benjamin de 1964 Nationaal biographish wordenboek p711-713 1962 Francisus Monachus journal Franciscana 17, pp96-105 1969-1970 Bio-bibliographia franciscana neerlandica saeculi XVI NIeuwkoop:B de Graaf Sanz Oronce Fine copied as source

map of the northern regions referred to by Ortelius in CAatalogus auctorum published Antwerp by Sylvester of Paris lost

conflating East Asia and the Americas, including the Strait of Malacca as a proto-Panama Canal and the Strait of Magellan between SE Asia and a continental-size Tierra del Fuego.

osley 39: refuted the nonsense of Ptolemy and other early geographers pamphlet was to Cardinal Jean Carondelet Archbishop of Palermo and President of the Privy Council of the Low Countries

This part of the world not yet discovered by our navigators.

Recognized Magellan's finding identification of Tierra del Fuego as part of a southern circumpolar continent.

Treaty of Tordesillas Treaty of Zaragoza

even though Martin Waldseemüller's map and globe had already postulated a western ocean separating the Americas and Asia.

channel indicated possible sea route to the East Indies. -- this might be drawn from W map which showed S Am and then a gap.

Rather than reproducing Ptolemy's geography it incorporated some of the new knowledge of the Americas.

Coloured illustrations at BnF

Globe made in collaboration with goldsmith Gaspar van der Heyden (Gaspar a Myrica c1496—c1549

Monarchus stuff[edit]

De orbis situ ac descriptione, ad Reverendiss. D. archiepiscopum Panormitanum Francisci Monachi, ordinis franciscani epistola ... in qua Ptolemaei caeterorumque superiorum geographorum hallucinatio refellitur, aliaque praetere a de recens inventis, terris, mari, insulis, de ditione papae Joannis, de situ Paradisi et dimensione miliarum ad proportionem graduum coeli, praeclara et memoratu digna recensentur.

Wherein the misconceptions of Ptolemy and other geographers are dispelled. Also concerning the newly-discovered lands, seas, and islands which was written during the period between 1526 and 1530

1565 edition OCLC 492752556

458036760 paris

[Regiones Mechelen resources]

series of maps and descriptions of the Northern regions : " Regiones septentrional is in tabulas descripsit et conspiciendas dedit Ibid

[Harrisse pdf], [Harrise txt], [Harrisse reprint]

[A world map on an oval projection attributed to Franciscus Monachus 1526]

[Siebold gilt globe]

[Biography of Gaspar van der Heyden]

[Commercial Cartography and Map Production in the Low Countries]

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