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I'm just a mathematics student. I don't plan to make any major edits or articles, I just want a place to have my small edits be counted up as random contributions.

Well, unless some major mathematical topic is missing.

Thanks, Peter Stalin 04:33, 27 March 2007 (UTC)

Preparing up a complete set of residues mod m page[edit]

Here's an outline before I start making the article later this week:


-Representations --Examples of general representations --Least Absolute residues --Least Positive residues

-Some theorems

-Reduced residue classes

-Some theorems of this too

I still need someplace to mention the 'residue equivalence class' and the applications to group theory in this outline. Peter Stalin 14:13, 28 March 2007 (UTC)

Making a redirect Muller-Traub

Another outline[edit]

I don't feel like doing this atm:

In [linear algebra], a matrix has a displacement rank r if it satisfies a (Sylvester) displacement equation

Where and are called displacement matrices.

Such matrices are useful in defining and categorizing other structured matrices, for example, we can categorize the various matrix structures of the resultant matrix A by the following choices for E,F,G and H

Structure E F G H
Cauchy Matrix D_t D_s g h
Cauchy Matrix D_t D_s
Cauchy Matrix D_t D_s

Where are vectors, are diagonal matrices,