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Welcome to my user page.

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Question about marking=[edit]

Hi -- you have marked an article I wrote for speedy deletion. It is about a band that achieved national significance. I have included numerous references to outside sources (The Oregonian, VH1, northern California media outlets) that wrote about the band -- as well as some context, broader social context. Numerous, numerous other bands of similar fame have pages. What gives?

Hi. What gives? Firstly, please don't delete content from my user page - it's a bit annoying and really not the done thing. Secondly, what wikipedia (not me) requires is reliable, verifiable links from notable sources - not just a mention somewhere on a web page or a listing of an item for sale. Thirdly, the place for this discussion is on the page's discussion page, not here. Fourthly, I now note that the page has previously been deleted, so my marking is moot - deleted pages can't be recreated without significant new information.
Thanks for your contribution to wikipedia, but remember what wikipedia is not.
peterl (talk) 04:38, 26 July 2011 (UTC)

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