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Doug (a.k.a. ph0kin)[edit]

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Hello, my real name is Doug, and you can see my blog here.

Doug is:

  • A wiki-fan, and small-time editor
  • A Buddhist
  • A Japanophile and Koreaphile
  • Happily married, with two lovely children.
  • A fan of Nintendo games

Note to Self[edit]

  • How to cite URLs:
    • <ref>{{cite web|title=Life of Honen, Jodo Shu homepage Homepage| language=English| url=| accessdate = 2008-11-23}}</ref>
  • How to cite books:
    • <ref name="buswell">{{cite book | last1 = Buswell | first1 = Robert E. | last2 = Lopez | first2 = Donald S. | title = The Princeton Dictionary of Buddhism | publisher = Princeton University Press | year = 2013 | isbn = 0691157863 | page=213}}</ref>
  • How to add Japanese text:
    • {{nihongo|'''Jōdo shū'''|浄土宗||"The Pure Land School"}}
  • How to add Korean text with Hanja and romanization:
    • {{korean|hangul=정혜사|hanja=定慧社|rr=Jeonghyesa}}
  • How to add Chinese text:
    • {{zh | t=中國| s=中国| p=Zhōngguó| w=| first=t}}
  • See here for info on Buddhist Infobox, biography.
  • Also, some here info on Buddhist Infobox, temples.
  • Potentially useful template for Religious Holidays.
  • The authoritative page on templates!


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For your great work on tidying up the lead paragraph of the Buddha article! FrummerThanThou 21:41, 11 December 2006 (UTC)
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Awarded to PhOkin for many useful contributions to WikiProject Buddhism articles in the fields of Pure Land and Shingon Buddhism by Dakinijones (talk) 22:21, 27 June 2008 (UTC)