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Marúaweka! (Greetings!)

Phaedriel, born Sharon K., will be your hostess while you visit this excuse of a user page. Please make yourself comfortable, and while you look around, allow me to quote the memorable words of Dr. Hannibal Lecter as reminder of the conduct I expect my visitors to observe: Discourtesy is - unspeakably ugly to me. Like my beloved grandpa once told me, a grain of kindness is all it takes to turn thorns into flowers.

I was born somewhere in the late 1970s, with a mixed descent composing of a quarter Finnish, a quarter Irish and half Comanche. After a quiet and lovely childhood spent at a sleepy, yet beautiful town where my folks still live, I moved to the most wonderful city in the United States, where I currently live and work.

Before you ask me, like many people do every now and then - yes, I do have a Comanche name. But please, even if you're curious, I'd prefer not to be requested to say it. Some things, especially very intimate ones, are better left unsaid. Thank you so much for understanding, my friends!

Wikipedia and my interests

I am a Wikipedia Administrator, which basically means I'm here to help you in any possible way I can. So, if you came here looking for assistance, you're not going to get shy on me now, are you? Please, give me a call and I'll do my very best, I promise.

In September '07, I also became an administrator at Simple English Wikipedia. If you haven't yet, I encourage you to visit the place, and make a contribution or two if you have some time to spare. It's a beautiful project with plenty of future, and a small, hard working community. Your help would be most appreciated. Thank you!

I discovered Wikipedia by accident when searching for information about Quanah Parker back in September '05, but although I kept coming every now and then, it wasn't until December that I got caught in the Wiki-web. I registered on Wednesday 7th, and made my first edit here. At first, my intention was simply to write an article about the Peoria War; but then I felt like writing another, and then another, and then... At this point, I experienced the evolution most of us here go through at some point of our wiki-career, and Wikipedia became a part of me for good.

Languages and History play a very important role in my life, and if I could pass my time learning every language known to men, I certainly would. My ancestry also compels me to research and write about the Comanche and other Native American tribes and the Indian Wars, along with many other related topics. I founded the WikiProject Indigenous peoples of North America and created the Indigenous peoples of North America Portal, which became Featured in August '06. There's so much information to upkeep and update, so many great pictures to classify and upload, so many beautiful cultural manifestations to write about, that I've engaged myself in a life-time task... and I love it!

A few short facts about yours truly

  • Sometimes it may take me long to reply to you, but I invariably will try. If a few days pass without reply, please forgive me - I'll get back to you as soon as I possibly can, I swear!
  • If I can, I'll do my best to help you, and all messages and emails requesting my help, no matter what, have my absolute priority when replying.
  • I have always believed in Wikilove, and in the fact that just a drop of kindness can make a difference. Times may change, people may come and go, policies may evolve, but the one absolute truth that remains is that making a fellow editor feel appreciated can and will help our project. That's a belief I will defend as long as my heart beats, with every fiber of my wiki-being.

In need of a new userpage design?

Hey! Even Jimbo uses my design now! :)

I take great pleasure in helping other users in need, and I simply love to design Wiki pages. So please, if you want me to lend you a hand with your own user page, just give me a call and I'll see what I can do. Results not guaranteed!
It will typically take me a few days to fulfill your request, in strict "first ask, first serve" order. Just let me know if you really, really want me to stick my hands into yours!

Some of the userpages I've designed

Status: NOT taking up requests until I clear the following (if I've agreed to make yours and haven't added it here for a couple of days, please remind me!)

Current active requests: Anecdote, Laleena, Jonathan, PrestonH, Skeeker, SarekOfVulcan, Angel David, Freechild

Spot #1 on my favorite vandal list

I have lost count of the times this page has been vandalized, but there's always some vandal who, rather than offending, manages to make me smile. So here it is: the ever coveted first place goes to this gentleman *applause*. Brief list of devoted impersonators and the like: [1] [2] [3] [4]. And the ultimate tribute! :)

Me June 11 06.jpg

Today is Mackensen's day!

Miranda - The Tempest JWW.jpg

Come, walk with me,
There's only thee
To bless my spirit now -
We used to love on winter nights
To wander through the snow;
Can we not woo back old delights?
The clouds rush dark and wild
They fleck with shade our mountain heights
The same as long ago
And on the horizon rest at last
In looming masses piled;
While moonbeams flash and fly so fast
We scarce can say they smiled -

Come walk with me, come walk with me;
We were not once so few
But Time has stolen our company
As sunshine steals the dew -
He took them one by one and we
Are left the only two;
So closer would my feelings twine
Because they have no stay but thine -

'Nay call me not - it may not be
Is human love so true?
Can Friendship's flower droop on for years
And then revive anew?
No, though the soil be wet with tears,
How fair soe'er it grew
The vital sap once perished
Will never flow again
And surer than that dwelling dread,
The narrow dungeon of the dead
Time parts the hearts of men.

Emily Brontë

Happy Day, Mack!

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Flag of the Comanche Nation.svg

Walk tall as the trees,
live strong as the mountains,
be gentle as the spring winds,
keep the warmth of
the summer sun in your heart,
and the Great Spirit will always be with you.

Native American saying

Treble clef.svg

The Soundtrack of Wikipedians

The purpose of this Soundtrack of Wikipedians is to try and provide a collection of those songs that you, the people with whom I spend big part of my time, listen and enjoy. I believe that one learns a great deal about a person, and can also understand his/her character and ideas better, if one gets to know "their" music.

It'd be very nice if as many Wikipedians as possible could find this space and gift us all their all-time favorites, those songs that define their mood and character, those that make them daydream or feel better, those that bring them dear memories... or simply that music that they really like! And of course, anyone can change their selection at any time since we all evolve from day to day, and our music with us.

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