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David Faulk (born May 4, 1969), better known by his producer name D-Funk, is an American music producer, multi-instrumental musician, artist and an all-around creative jack-of-all-trades. David was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, attended Clifton L. Ganus and Carrolton Presbyterian schools before spending a couple of years at the University of New Orleans (U.N.O.) where he majored in psychology but, as David explains,"mostly just screwed around trying to figure out if there was anything else I really wanted to do aside from music." Meanwhile, Faulk would spend most of the rest of his time creating and recording his own music, playing guitar, bass and keyboards/piano. Soon he began working for both Sea-Saint Recording Studios and Sound Services Studios doing mostly tape-duplication, digital editing and transferring of old reel-to-reel recordings onto DAT (digital audio tape). While there, David cultivated his recording and engineering skills and eventually a plethora of session-work performing various instruments for many of the artists and bands who would record at both studios. It was here that David was able to both meet and work with a variety of many big-name artists such as Lenny Kravitz, Allan Toussaint, Dr. John, Bruce Hornsby, Tom Jones, Blind Melon and others. Two local rap labels were in their infancy at that time: Big Boy Records and Cash Money Records and both labels would call upon David to create and perform guitar riffs and basslines over their beats which, as Faulk explains,"put a few extra bucks in my pocket each week which was cool but at that time, both Cash Money and Big Boy had something of a rivalry going on (which has long-since been squashed) but it became increasingly more difficult to work with one label without the other one having a bit of animosity over the fact that they were competing with each other yet using the same session musician. Soon, Big Boy Records decided to build their own recording studio and asked David to come and work with them full-time to create and perform music for all of their artists and he accepted.

The first CD by Big Boy Records to feature David playing the music on all of the album's songs was G-Slimm's "Fours, Deuces & Treys" and the city took notice. It was one of the first New Orleans rap CDs to feature live instrumentation as opposed to simply using looped samples and breakbeats. Faulk's hypnotic wah-wah guitar riffs, vintage synthesizer melodies and deep soulful basslines gave G-Slimm's album the perfect combination of what was previously thought of as West Coast instrumentation over D.J. Precise's unique drum programming and quickly hopped onto the local music charts.

Early life[edit]

Lavell Crump grew up in Jackson, Mississippi, the son of Zeno and Carolyn Crump. He attended Northwest Jackson Middle School and Provine High School.[1] After graduating from high school, he attended Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, his mother Carolyn's alma mater. At Southern, Crump served as president of the Student Government Association and received a bachelor's degree in business.[1][2] He attended the University of Maryland Eastern Shore to pursue a master's degree in education but later left the program to pursue his music career full-time.[1][3][4][5] His father Zeno died on June 17, 2007.[6]

Music career[edit]

Crump's stage name "David Banner" is taken from the lead character of the television series, The Incredible Hulk.[7] With several of his friends, Banner sent some demo tapes to Jackson, Mississippi radio station, WJMI, whose operations manager praised them.[1] In 1999, Banner and rapper Kamikaze as the duo, Crooked Lettaz, released Grey Skies (Penalty Recordings).[8]

In 2000, Banner released his solo debut album, Them Firewater Boyz, Vol. 1. Released on the independent label, Big Face Records, the album sold around 7,000 copies.[6] When the album's single, "Like a Pimp", became a radio hit, Banner began to attract major label interest.[9] After assessing various offers, Banner and manager, Scott Johnson, decided to sign with Universal Records subsidiary, SRC Records, which was founded by Steve Rifkind who had previous success as CEO of the heavyweight hip-hop label, Loud Records.[9]

In 2003, Banner released his first major label album, Mississippi: The Album. Mississippi included the hit single, "Like a Pimp", featuring Lil Flip. "Like a Pimp" peaked at #48 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, #15 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart, and #10 on the Hot Rap Tracks chart.[10] He released the follow-up album the same year titled MTA2: Baptized in Dirty Water which yielded the hit, "Crank It Up", featuring Static Major.

In 2003, Banner produced T.I.'s single, "Rubberband Man", which reached #30 on the Hot 100, #15 on the R&B chart, and #11 on the Rap chart.

In 2005, Banner released his third major label album, Certified. The album's first single was "Ain't Got Nothing" which featured Magic & Lil Boosie, followed by the second single, "Play", which reached #7 on the Hot 100 chart, #5 on the R&B chart, and #3 on the Rap chart.[10] The third single, "Touching", featured Jazze Pha and reached #54 on the R&B chart.

On July 15, 2008, Banner released his fourth major label album, The Greatest Story Ever Told.[11] The album's first single titled "9mm" featured Akon, Lil Wayne, and Snoop Dogg. Banner then produced his next two singles: "Get Like Me", featuring Chris Brown and Yung Joc, and "Shawty Say", featuring Lil Wayne. "Get Like Me" reached #16 on the Hot 100, #7 on the R&B chart, and #2 on the Rap chart.[10]

In 2008, Banner was featured on the track, Superfriend, from the 2008 album, The Sound, by gospel R&B duo, Mary Mary.

Outside projects for Banner have included writing the theme song to the video game, Saints Row, as well as contributing to the music for a commercial promoting the video game, Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds.[12]

Banner was supposed to release his fifth major label album titled Sex, Drugs and Video Games on May 22, 2012,[needs update] but it is now unknown when it will be released. The first single off the album is titled "Amazing" featuring Chris Brown.

Film career[edit]

Banner played the part of Tehronne in Black Snake Moan. He has worked on the Adult Swim cartoon show That Crook'd 'Sipp, which premiered Sunday, May 13, 2007. His single "Play" was used as the background music in the pilot's first television promo. In 2007, he played the character of Mo, in the film This Christmas. Banner also starred as Jay, a gang leader from the hood in Stomp the Yard 2: Homecoming. In 2010, he played Bosch in the film The Experiment.


In November 2006, Banner was awarded a Visionary Award by the National Black Caucus of the State Legislature in recognition of his work after Hurricane Katrina.[13]

On September 25, 2007, Banner testified before Congress at a hearing about racism and misogyny in hip hop music titled From Imus to Industry: The Business of Stereotypes and Degrading Images.[14] He defended his use of offensive language and argued: "Change the situation in my neighborhood and maybe I'll get better."[14] In his opening statement, Banner stated: "I can admit there are some problems in hip hop but it is only a reflection of what's taking place in our society. Hip hop is sick because America is sick."[15]


Solo albums[edit]

Collaboration albums[edit]


Year Title Role Notes
2007 Black Snake Moan Tehronne
This Christmas Mo
Monk Snake the Assassin (TV) Episode: "Mr. Monk and the Rapper"
2008 Days of Wrath Kryme
Vapors Biz Markie
2010 The Experiment Bosch
The Confidant Daniel Jackson
Stomp the Yard 2: Homecoming Jay


  • BET Hip Hop Awards
    • 2008, Best Hip-Hop Video ("Get Like Me") with Chris Brown & Yung Joc [Nominated]
    • 2008, Best Hip-Hop Collabo ("Get Like Me") with Chris Brown & Yung Joc [Nominated]
    • 2008, Best Producer [Nominated]
  • Ozone Awards
    • 2008, Best Rap/R&B Collaboration ("Get Like Me"), featuring Chris Brown & Yung Joc [Nominated]


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