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Button Icon Violet.svg Edits 30401
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Button Icon Green.svg Pages restored 84
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Admin actions for Phantomsteve
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Deletion/Undeletion 6048
Protection/Unprotection 201
Block/Reblock 474
User rights 16
User creation 659

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About Me

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I live in Croydon, England.

I was a primary school teacher for 15 years, but now work as a security officer. Amongst my previous jobs was that of being a security officer at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.

I have used the English Wikipedia for research, and joined on the 25th May 2005, when I wanted to add to the entry on Thornton Heath to update the information about the Pond!

I received my first vandalism on this page on 27th July 2009 - from an IP whose edits I had reverted for presumed vandalism. I'm guessing that shows that I was right about it being vandalism!

On this Wikipedia, I am an admin. I used to use the account creation request interface to help create new accounts on Wikipedia, but have not done so in a long time, due to family and work commitments eating into my time! I also like to answer questions on the Help Desk (although these days this is pretty infrequent) and have been known to on the IRC #wikipedia-en-help channel. I was also an Oversighter from 27th August 2010 to 4th May 2011 - I asked for the Oversight permission to be removed from my account, as due to work and family commitments, I cannot spend the time working on Oversight.

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