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You can find a list of my admin actions here
Admin statistics
Action Count
Button Icon Violet.svg Edits 30639
Button Icon Violet.svg Edits+Deleted 33075
Button Icon Red.svg Pages deleted 6284
Button Icon Green.svg Pages restored 85
Button Icon Red.svg Pages protected 161
Button Icon Orange.svg Protections modified 30
Button Icon Green.svg Pages unprotected 10
Button Icon Red.svg Users blocked 458
Button Icon Red.svg Users reblocked 24
Button Icon BlueSky.svg User rights modified 16
Button Icon BlueSky.svg Users created 659
Admin actions for Phantomsteve
Type of action Percentage
Deletion/Undeletion 6369
Block/Reblock 510
Protection/Unprotection 201
RevDel 170
User rights 16

User talk
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This will ensure that conversations remain together!

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No RfXs since 17:44, 7 December 2018 (UTC).—cyberbot ITalk to my owner:Online

About Me

vn-43This user page has been vandalized 43 times.
Wikipedia Editor Review.svgThis user has an Editor review at WP:ER/Phantomsteve
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I live in Croydon, England.

I was a primary school teacher for 15 years, but now work as a security officer. Amongst my previous jobs was that of being a security officer at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.

I have used the English Wikipedia for research, and joined on the 25th May 2005, when I wanted to add to the entry on Thornton Heath to update the information about the Pond!

I received my first vandalism on this page on 27th July 2009 - from an IP whose edits I had reverted for presumed vandalism. I'm guessing that shows that I was right about it being vandalism!

On this Wikipedia, I am an admin. I used to use the account creation request interface to help create new accounts on Wikipedia, but have not done so in a long time, due to family and work commitments eating into my time! I also like to answer questions on the Help Desk (although these days this is pretty infrequent) and have been known to on the IRC #wikipedia-en-help channel. I was also an Oversighter from 27th August 2010 to 4th May 2011 - I asked for the Oversight permission to be removed from my account, as due to work and family commitments, I cannot spend the time working on Oversight.

My User Boxes

My User Boxes

My User Boxes

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This user is a member of the

Association of Wikipedians Who Dislike Making Broad Judgments About the Worthiness of a General Category of Article, and Who Are in Favor of the Deletion of Some Particularly Bad Articles, but That Doesn't Mean They Are Deletionists


Est omnino difficile iudicare inclusionis meritum cuiusdam rei in encyclopædia cum ratio sciendi quid populi referat incerta sit, sed nihilominus aliquid encyclopædiam dedecet

It is generally difficult to judge the worthiness of a particular topic for inclusion in an encyclopedia considering that there is no certain way to know what interests people, but some topics nevertheless are not fit for an encyclopedia.

This motto reflects the desire of these Wikipedians to be reluctant, but not entirely unwilling, to remove articles from Wikipedia.

My Wikipedia Info


My signature over time, from oldest to current
From Until Signature
May 2005 Jun 2008 Phantomsteve
Jun 2008 Jun 2009 PhantomSteve (talk)
Jun 2009 Nov 2009 PhantomSteve (Contact Me, My Contribs)
Nov 2009 Present PhantomSteve/talk|contribs\

My work on Wikipedia

My Sub Pages

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User talk:
My Templates
Template Documented? Description
User:Phantomsteve/adco-removed Yes User removed from Admin Coaching requests page
User:Phantomsteve/admin-request Yes Advice for editors who put a malformed RfA request up
User:Phantomsteve/bot welcome No Standard welcome for ACC Bot use (based on welcome, but with no variables and less functionality)
User:Phantomsteve/coi Yes Possible conflict of interest warning (for use by ACC Tool users)
User:Phantomsteve/company-name Yes User name warning: Company or Organisation name
User:Phantomsteve/contact Yes Methods of getting help
User:Phantomsteve/creation Yes My version of {{creation}} with more params
User:Phantomsteve/discussion Yes Adds a note (similar to DELSORT) saying Note: This discussion has been mentioned at the WikiProject <WikiProject name> Talkpage
User:Phantomsteve/done Yes An alternative to the {{resolved}} tag
User:Phantomsteve/er-done Yes User review completed
User:Phantomsteve/move No Notice explaining that user page has been moved to subpage, as it is a draft article
User:Phantomsteve/multi-name Yes User name warning: Account name indicating more than one person
User:Phantomsteve/offensive-name Yes User name warning: Offensive name
User:Phantomsteve/PRODfindsources No "Find sources" for use in PRODs
User:Phantomsteve/real-name Yes User name warning: A real-life name
User:Phantomsteve/refs Yes A guide to references
User:Phantomsteve/welcome Yes My welcome template
Articles I have created (some may have been stubs) - excludes redirect pages or disambiguation pages
  • Bold indicates that I have been the main (or one of the main) contributors.
  • An asterisk next to the article name indicates that I have been the only contributor.

(Both as of 27 April 2010)

Date Article DYK? GA?
26 Jul 2007 Hallbankgate No No
14 Jul 2008 Winterbourne Junior Boys' School No No
14 Dec 2008 Doreen Spooner No No
14 Dec 2008 Ernest Davies (Labour MP for Enfield) No No
24 Jun 2009 HMS Princess (1905) No No
01 Jul 2009 Under Two Flags (novel) No No
01 Jul 2009 Abraham Lincoln (Morse books) No No
05 Jul 2009 World Aircraft Information Files No No
08 Aug 2009 Ambleside Church of England Primary School (since deleted) No No
10 Aug 2009 Manish Pitambare No No
27 Aug 2009 William Stanley (Victorian inventor) Yes Yes
27 Aug 2009 Technical drawing tools No No
29 Sep 2009 A vs B No No
27 Nov 2009 Sandy Collins (tennis) No No
15 Jan 2010 Florence Green No No
25 Feb 2010 Gerard Coste No No
17 March 2010 Energy Studies Institute No No
17 March 2010 Clean Energy Expo Asia No No
25 March 2010 Butterfly World, Isle of Wight No No
Articles I helped to expand
  • Please note that the diffs shown are between the version immediately before I started expanding the article and my final edit in the time period. Other editors may have made edits during the same period.
Date of my expansion Article Diff
30 Sep-02 Oct 2009 Pavel Popovich diff=317432880 oldid=317067453
05 Oct-13 Oct 2009 CBeebies diff=319630547 oldid=316144097
15 Dec 2009 Gilbert Thomas Carter diff=331906944 oldid=331488628
Templates I have created in the Template: namespace
Date Template Description
01 Nov 2009 Template:HD/not-saved Help Desk Template: Suggests editor clicked preview rather than save
14 Dec 2009 Template:HD/re-attribute Help Desk Template: Explains that edits cannot be re-attributed (from IP/editor to another editor)
13 Apr 2010 Template:User NCHPP User template: This user is a New contributors' help page patroller
13 Apr 2010 Template:User en-en User template: This user speaks English English.
05 May 2010 Template:HD/mobile Help Desk Template: Explains how to reset the mobile website if "Permanently disable mobile layout" has been clicked on

Recognition on Wikipedia

My DYKs, GAs, FAs
Featured Article None

Good Article On March 24, 2010, Gilbert Thomas Carter was listed as a History good article under the good article criteria. It was reviewed by HJ Mitchell (talk · contribs).

Good Article On January 21, 2010, William Stanley (Victorian inventor) was listed as a Engineering and technology good article under the good article criteria. It was reviewed by Ealdgyth (talk · contribs).

Updated DYK query On December 20, 2009, Did you know? was updated with a fact from the article Gilbert Thomas Carter, which you created or substantially expanded. You are welcome to check how many hits your article got while on the front page (here's how, quick check ) and add it to DYKSTATS if it got over 5,000. If you know of another interesting fact from a recently created article, then please suggest it on the Did you know? talk page.
My Milestones

These are based on the results obtained at Tangotango's tool on toolserver. Thee script does not count deleted edits, so these milestones may change if pages I have edited get deleted or merged. Tangotango's account has expired, until it is renewed the tool is temporarily unavailable.

Edit Date/Time Summary Page title Minor? Revision
1 Wed, 25 May 2005 19:12:20 added link to A23 Road; added information about Croydon adding new water feature to the Pond (along with a link to the story on the Croydon Guardian website) Thornton Heath No 15622169
100 Thu, 26 Jul 2007 18:35:37 I missed the space after the comma! List of United Kingdom dialling codes Yes 147279829
500 Wed, 01 Jul 2009 15:21:26 /* United States Mint */ reply Wikipedia:Help desk No 299705252
1,000 Wed, 22 Jul 2009 00:58:34 /* Justice Jackson's opening statement */ [new section] Talk:Nuremberg Trials No 303444978
5,000 Thu, 17 Sep 2009 17:18:38 Message re. Barcode (HG) User talk: No 314558723
10,000 Fri, 25 Sep 2009 16:42:52 Reverted edits by to last revision by SieBot (HG) Reign of Terror Yes 316150994
15,000 Wed, 02 Dec 2009 19:49:41 Proposed for deletion: Non-notable software, with no reliable, independent sources of information found; also added COI tag OpenCTM No 329297960
20,000 Tue, 13 Apr 2010 21:12:54 added some more refs Marjean Holden No 355830912
25,000 ? ? ? ? ?
My Barnstars
Invisible Barnstar.png The Invisible Barnstar
For your tireless work in answering questions, great and small, on the Help desk.  — QuantumEleven 12:21, 23 July 2009 (UTC)
Helpdeskbarnstar.png The Help Desk Barnstar
For answering many questions that users like me put on the Help Desk Dogposter 16:40, 12 August 2009 (UTC)
Random Acts of Kindness Barnstar.png The Random Acts of Kindness Barnstar
For helping me and assisting me with my article out of the blue. chinmay26r (talk) 15:24, 10 September 2009 (UTC)
Barnstar-abc.png The Helping Hand Barnstar
For outstanding work on IRC. Keep it up! m.o.p 20:54, 16 November 2009 (UTC)
Boeing 787 Roll-out.jpg You are amazingly helpful
You have been amazingly helpful at me, and I thank you very much for that. You do great work at wikipedia-en-help IRC-channel. As you have been so amazingly helpful, I do not award you some rusty, ordinary and old barnstar — I award you this private Boeing 787-jet. Thank you again, and happy editing!  Ilyushka88 Talk to me 16:45, 17 November 2009 (UTC)
Civility barnstar.png Civility Award
Just to say thanks for your coolheaded, endlessly civil handling of all the shenanigans around "Team touchdown", especially since I believe you got involved as a Help Desk volunteer. Gonzonoir (talk) 13:46, 19 November 2009 (UTC)
Barnstar of Diligence.png The Barnstar of Diligence
The analysis you wrote at Talk:Lee Jun Ki was extraordinarly thorough and insightful, and very helpful in resolving the dispute. Phil153 (talk) 22:40, 20 November 2009 (UTC)
Working Man's Barnstar.png The Working Man's Barnstar
For your tireless effort on the WP:ER Project. Click23 (talk) 22:11, 1 December 2009 (UTC)
The shining (barn)star
For as long as I can remember, you've been the person answering my questions at WP:Help Desk. This distant (barn)star shines in honor of your service; little else has been working so tirelessly. Andrew Gradman talk/WP:Hornbook 01:48, 6 January 2010 (UTC)
Working Man's Barnstar.png The Working Man's Barnstar
Thank you for your efforts to keep up with the Editor review area – it seems that it is in a fairly neglected state, and I appreciate that you've seen fit to contribute as much as you have to it. Keep up the good work!
-Garrett W. { } 04:09, 8 January 2010 (UTC)
Working Man's Barnstar.png The Working Man's Barnstar
Thanks for these edits on VivoBarefoot – cleaning up refs, adding “who?” tag; exemplary yeoman’s work! —Nils von Barth (nbarth) (talk) 10:48, 4 March 2010 (UTC)
Acc-barnstar.png The Account Creation Barnstar
You're dominating every other account creator on Wikipedia. 141 accounts created in the past 28 days. Wow! I award you the Account Creation Barnstar. Well done! Swarm(Talk) 03:21, 18 March 2010 (UTC)
Featured article star.svg

Awesome Wikipedian

Phantomsteve has been identified as an Awesome Wikipedian, and therefore, I've officially declared today as Phantomsteve's day!
For being such a beautiful person and great Wikipedian,
enjoy being the Star of the day, dear Phantomsteve!

Keep up this work,
--Extra 999 (Contact me + contribs) 02:28, 21 May 2010 (UTC)

Featured article star.svg

Phantomsteve has been made a member of the Order of the Mop,
for their work as an admin and is entitled to display
this award for being such a great admin,

Kind regards and happy editing,
Fridae'§Doom | Spare your time? 23:26, 3 August 2010 (UTC)

Admin mop.PNG
Admin Barnstar.png The Admin's Barnstar
For taking the time to read and close one of the longer and more contentious AfD's in recent memory. Herostratus (talk) 15:49, 12 September 2010 (UTC)
Administrator Barnstar Hires.png The Admin's Barnstar
I thereby award you with this Admin's Barnstar for single-handedly clearing the Requests for page protection backlog. Keep up the good work. Armbrust, B.Ed. WrestleMania XXVIII The Undertaker 20–0 20:37, 16 June 2012 (UTC)


To do - when I get the time

Maintenance tasks and articles that can be improved

You can help improve the articles listed below! This list updates frequently, so check back here for more tasks to try. (See Wikipedia:Task Center for brief guides.)

See Wikipedia:Maintenance for more information.

Help counter systemic bias by creating new articles on important women.

Help improve popular low quality articles.

Other Stuff

In Memoriam
Victory medal (UK) ribbon.png
This user lost a member of their family in the First World War.

In Memory of: PO9947 Private James Lockheart Ashton (The Royal Marine Light Infantry) , killed 11th March 1915

at the sinking of the HMS Bayano, off Carswell Point, Stranraer

Victory medal (UK) ribbon.png
This user lost a member of their family in the First World War.

In Memory of: 13961 Private Alfred Pelham Peachey (The Hampshire Regiment, 14th Bn (1st Portsmouth Pals)) , killed 26th September 1917

at the Battle of Polygon Wood

Victory medal (UK) ribbon.png
This user lost a member of their family in the First World War.

In Memory of: 23010 Private Harry Thomas James Peachey (The Hampshire Regiment, 1st Bn) , killed 23rd October 1916

at The Battle of Le Transloy

Victory medal (UK) ribbon.png
This user lost a member of their family in the First World War.

In Memory of: 41885 Private George Henry Windley (The Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment — The Sherwood Foresters - 15th Bn) , killed 20th October 1917

at the Battle of Passchendaele

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