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I, Pharos, am a Wikipedian who has been active since September 2004. The nom de plume refers to the Pharos of Alexandria, as well as to a local lighthouse and some old library.

My first article was U Thant Island, and I've tried to be helpful since then.

Maintenance tasks[edit]

I was approved as an administrator in March 2005, and in that capacity have mostly been involved in Main Page maintenance.

I used to have all sorts of other tidbits on this page but it's hard to keep them up-to-date with my current activities here, so if you're curious you'll just have to browse the archives.

Wikimedia New York City[edit]

In recent months, I have been heavily involved in the formation of a meta:Wikimedia New York City local chapter. See Wikipedia:Meetup/NYC for the meetings.

Metropolitan Museum of Art[edit]

I will be working part-time as a Wikipedian in residence at the Metropolitan Museum of Art through June 2017. For upcoming details of this work, please see Wikipedia:GLAM/Metropolitan Museum of Art.