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About me[edit]

I also have a meta-wiki account.

I've been on Wikipedia for a while now, and I'm getting the disturbing impression that some people think my real name is actually Phatius McBluff. Just so everyone knows, my real name is Joseph. How did I come up with the name "Phatius McBluff"? Well, my parents have a neighbor named Thatius, and I thought his name was Phatius for a long time before I got corrected (fortunately not by him). As for "McBluff"... Well, that's truly my own invention, one of the many useless mutant ideas my brain occasionally spews forth. And I think it sounds cool.

I am a recent graduate of the University of California, Berkeley (graduated in Spring 2009). My studies were in philosophy, and in religious studies with a concentration in myth. I am currently in a graduate program in philosophy at the University of California, Irvine.

As far as my Wikipedia activity goes, my main interests are mythology, comparative religion, and philosophy (in that order). I'm particularly interested in theories dealing with the differences between mythical thought and modern thought. (See Mythopoeic thought and Eternal return (Eliade).) I don't consider myself an expert in any particular area of mythology, but I have done a fair amount of reading on the subject.

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