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Philip Legge[edit]

I am a musician and information technology worker living in Melbourne, Australia, and an infrequent contributor to Wikipedia, the reason being that I invest most of my time editing musical works, many of which are freely available at the Choral Public Domain Library or the Petrucci Music Library (where I am an active contibutor), and have an interest in many diverse musical subjects. I tend only to step in to edit pages when they contain outrageously incorrect information! (That is, to say, practically never.)

  • I am the principal author of the Wikipedia article on Brian’s most notable work, the Gothic Symphony, arguably the largest choral-orchestral composition in the history of Western art music. I am one of the team of proof-readers and editors of the UK-based Havergal Brian Society’s Scores Sub-Committee, which is currently typesetting this work, amongst others; I am the principal editor of Brian’s Seventh Symphony, which is mercifully written for a much smaller orchestra!

Other articles I occasionally keep an eye on:

  • the requiem by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, as it is notoriously surrounded by misinformation as well as outright myth.

Non-music related:

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