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Articles created[edit]

Attenuated vaccine, Onyx-015, The People & Planet Green League, Buccinum undatum, Gibbula, Piroplasmida, Acidophiles in acid mine drainage, Holoendemic, Race Relations Act 1965, Andrew Kerr (civil servant), Regulation of Railways Act 1868, Energy Bill 2012 – 2013 (UK Parliament)

Substantial-ish edits[edit]

Surf clam, Toxoplasmosis, Antibody opsonization, Babesia, Theileria microti, Operation Support Hope, Cookiecutter shark, Hellbender,Anabatic wind, Ensatina, Simon Singh, Plasmodium falciparum, Microsporidia, Southmead, Blue-footed Booby, Prostitution in the United Kingdom, Frank Field (politician), Criminal Law Amendment Act 1885, Sustainable Communities Act 2007 (Amendment) Act 2010, Yuntai Mountain (Henan), Qattara Depression, Save the Arctic

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