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Born Tainan, Taiwan
Nationality  Republic of China (Taiwan)
Languages English, Taiwanese Hokkien, Mandarin Chinese
Ethnicity Taiwanese, Chinese
Education and employment
Occupation National Guard of the Presidential Office of the Republic of China
Hobbies, favourites and beliefs
Religion Buddhism
Politics None
Music Taiwanese pop, Pop music, Classical music

中華民國國歌-三民主義 吾黨所宗 以建民國 以進大同 姿爾多士 為民前鋒 夙夜匪懈 主義是從 矢勤矢勇 貫徹始終

Taiwan Barnstar.png Taiwan Barnstar of Merit
Awarded to Some Contributor by A User for contributions to WikiProject Taiwan, specifically for great work in getting the articles on X, Y, and Z to Good Article status.

26 April 2017

Order of the Blue sky and White Sun.png Order of the Blue Sky and White Sun
Awarded to people who loves Taiwan and loves the Republic of China.

26 April 2017

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