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This user is the leader of the
Einstein's Witnesses.

This is the user page of Philosophus, Grand Theorist and Founder of the Einstein's Witnesses, Unofficial Anti-Pseudoscience Executive, psuedoConnolley, and theoretical physicist, among other things (see below).

In my capacity as the leader of the Einstein's Witnesses, I have overseen multiple conspiracies on Wikipedia to brutally suppress nonsense, artificially bias articles toward reality, and hinder the efforts of the nuts, quacks, and crackpots who try to present their ideas as truths. It is said that my field of disbelief is so strong that it prevents the theories, inventions, and practices of such people from working nearby, though this has yet to be published in a reputable source.

Among the titles I have received:[edit]

  • Update: Apparently this wasn't just a random insult. My fellow editor insists that I am, in fact, a cyber clown. I must admit my considerable ignorance to the fact, and further admit that I do not actually know what a cyber clown is. Perhaps the esteemed editor would consider writing an article about them?
  • An Einstein's Witness
  • Unofficial Anti-Pseudoscience Executive (U-APE) (from my friend Asmodeus)

Important facts about me:[edit]

  • "The effect of [my] disbelieving electromagnetic field" stops pseudoscience and quackery from working nearby! (see Talk:Bi-Digital O-Ring Test#AND, the world is FLAT !)
  • I brutally suppress historical facts. (see Talk:Modern_Galilean_relativity)
  • I will have to confess all of my "horrible sins", "after Galilean relativity [conquers] the relativity scene with the power of a tsunami", before I "return ... to the warm chest of Galileo". I am, of course, expecting this tsunami to hit any day now, and am waiting impatiently for it to be released. Luckily, I have the advantage of being atop the shoulders of some very large giants, who stand on the shoulders of other giants, and am thus confident that the waters will not reach me.
  • I am "engaged in a conspiracy to support 'conventional' medicine and its profits, and to strangle those brave people who are creating an alternate, superior approach to diagnosis and treatment." (User_talk:
  • I "need a psychiatrist" (Talk:Infantry (computer game))

Contact information and Alternate Account Concerns[edit]

This account is one of my multiple accounts. It was created for privacy reasons, in part in order to allow me to edit articles where harassment outside of Wikipedia would otherwise be an issue. ArbCom and several respected editors are aware of this. I separate my edits based on topic and common sense, even in project space. Currently, however, most of my policy edits use this account by default unless there is some reason to do otherwise based on involvement or risk of identity revelation. I've been on Wikipedia since 2003, and believe I have a clear understanding of the foundations and spirit of Wikipedia policy, even if some of my multiple account behavior might technically violate the letter of some more recent and fluctuating policy. I do what I believe to be to the benefit of the encyclopedia, and put my trust in IAR and the reasonability of the majority of legitimate editors.

Feel free to email me about the matter if necessary, but I will most likely only respond to administrators, trusted editors, or reputable members of the scientific community.