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Like many other people, Wikipedia is my main outlet for my procrastination habit.

My method of browsing Wikipedia typically involves looking something up, clicking through several pages, and forgetting what I was looking for originally.

Wikipedia tells me about the world and its weird and wonderful (but predominantly bizarre) inhabitants, and I understand that it tells many other people as well. It is for this reason that I try to improve it.

My edits are generally minor edits and updates, corrections to spelling and grammar, or contributions to discussions about articles. I have not yet learnt to be bold; I am trying to get used to the idea.

My interests span a wide variety of subjects; that is why I may appear to contribute to random pages. As you can probably tell from the short paragraphs on this page, I have a fairly short attention span, believe others are the more or less the same, and try to get to the point if I have nothing else to say. It is probably this rather short attention span that allows me to have so many interests.