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Projects I edit regularly (in roughly descending order of editing frequency):
en.wikipedia * wikidata * meta * commons * en.wikibooks * en.wikivoyage * es.wikipedia * yo.wikipedia *

I also have a dozen or so accounts on small Wikipedias left over from some miscellaneous Wikimania-work. here's a list.

I had the username brassratgirl for a long time, but I am attempting to unify towards user:phoebe, even though things are pretty evenly split at this point.

N.B.: I only check the talk pages routinely on en: and meta:, if you're trying to reach me. Email is also an option.

wiki username talk
en: phoebe talk
meta phoebe talk
commons phoebe talk
wikiversity phoebe talk
wiktionary brassratgirl and phoebe talk (just a handful of contribs on both, so not worth the effort to unify)
other wikipedias
de: brassratgirl talk
es: phoebe talk
fr: brassratgirl talk
simple: brassratgirl talk
wikimanias past and present
2005: brassratgirl brassratgirl
2006: brassratgirl brassratgirl
2007: brassratgirl brassratgirl
2008: phoebe phoebe
  • Requests in progress:
  • en.wikiquote

  • Other non-wikimedia wikis: