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Me:-) Kinda:-)[edit]

I'm not good at stuff like this, so I'll just give a list of stuff about me, draw what conclusions you like:-)

    1. I'm married
    2. Job wise, I manage a hotel
    3. I went to college briefly, wasn't for me, so I left; I have little interest in returning
    4. I study obsessively, I have no end goal, I just really really like learning new things
    5. I have a fairly deep knowledge/perspective with regards to the foundations of mathematics, logic, and the theory of computation; I spend a lot of time thinking about these things, they're very beautiful
    6. I've done a lot of acting, oddly; I've also written a few plays (no publications, but performed locally), I write poetry and short stories regularly.
    7. I'm autistic, eccentric, and a loner; social things confuse me a bit, and my way of socializing is a bit odd ball. If I seem offensive or like I'm missing an obvious point, please just tell me; it doesn't offend me, I know I miss obvious stuff sometimes.
    8. I love physics, but the way physicists do math frustrates me (my fault, not theirs), so I'm not as up on the subject as I'd like to be.
    9. I program a lot; I also play video games a lot. A lot of my free time is bringing these things together.
    10. Not being the best communicator, I put ":-)" all over the place to make it clear I'm not being rude; I can't tell sometimes, so I just cover all my bases.
    11. Wikipedia, to me, basically means the Reference Desk; seriously, I love it, though, I rarely post.
    12. Talk pages are, generally, way better than articles; I've learned more reading them.
    13. I have a problem with the idea of an expert being someone who has gone to school long enough or worked in a field long enough; I don't believe anyone to be an actual expert until they demonstrate it with what they say/do,
    14. If, for some reason, anyone reading this has questions they'd like to ask me/or issues with anything regarding me, please ask on my talk page:-)

My 1000th Edit - Snakes in the House![edit]

This is it [1], how fitting for one such as I:-)Phoenixia1177 (talk) 21:32, 11 August 2014 (UTC)