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There was a danger of developing permanent feud, but not all problems progreesed so far. There were also other resolution methods (shunning, song contests), and sometimes the people acepted the murder at a stage (if the murdered was indeed dangerous for community).Burch & Forman 1988


Infanticide, thus lack of woman (Netsilingmiut). Rape for slavery (Ungazigmit and Lawrence Island Yupik)



The netsilik example (the woman rapes caused by high rate of infanticide) caused murder of husbands [of the raped women], and that caused vendettas.[1]


Eskimos and Indians.[2][3]

It is supposed that in the past Asiatic Eskimos occupied much larger are in Siberia. The Chukchi drove them to a much smaller area."Chukchi art". . Possibly with Ungazigmit, maybe also with Sireniki Eskimos.


Bad lot of orphans (varaint B of Sedna myth --- Nerrivik[4]), also Rasmussen resolved a conlict where he noted that the lot of orphans was bad. Although Gabus 197ö writes that an accepted son could stand also in high esteem.

Slavery in the Ungazigmi myth where Lawrence Yupik children are raped and the girl sold. Rasmussen 1965: last sections mentioning an Eskimo area where Eskimos were keeping some Indian women in slavery.


In shamanism among Eskimo peoples, like in many other cultures,[5] shaman acted as a mediator. Although most times he motivated the figures of the belief system by placating them, but there are cases of forcing and beating (Sedna).[6]

Most spirits were simply hostile. Eskimos were life-loving, but they did not have to resort to an all-benevolent figure.[7]


Among Western Eskimos, especially in Alaska, resources were more abundant, that among Eastern Eskimos (especially the totwlly isolated Polar Eskimos). Warfare was more common among Western Eskimos. Also in Siberia. Ivory armor. Cuirass among Asiatic Eskimos.[8]


At the time of Knud Rasmussen's travels, among Netsilingmiut, the harsh environment lead to infanticide (towards newborn girls), that lead to lack of women, forcing men to rape wives, of which permanent feud was the consequence.[9]


Rape gangs between among Ungazigmit and Lawrence Island Yupiks.[10]

Ivory armor.[11]

Sireniki Eskimos[edit]

Word "tannit" as in tale about Yari.[12]

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