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This space intentionally left blank. Well, it's acquired userboxen, so I guess that's not quite accurate anymore. Hell, it's not even uncluttered anymore.

I've basically become one of the go-to editors about the MBTA system. If you've got a question about transportation in Southern New England, I can probably help. Edit: for better or worse, you can add BART and Muni Metro to that list.

I edit a lot, mostly content and some templates. I hit 10,000 edits on December 16, 2015, and 10 years on July 6, 2016. I edit a lot more on Commons, where I do a mixture of category creation, grabbing public domain images from other sources, and uploading my own photos. I am an administrator on Commons; I have no advanced permissions on enwiki.

Current Projects[edit]

My primary project right now is working on articles about the stations and lines of the MBTA, Boston's transit system. I'm slowly working my way through the system as I photograph things. My output is low - one to several articles a week - but I'm slowly amassing a complete history of the system. Compare, for example, this old version to the modern Uphams Corner (MBTA station) article.

Some things I'm working on occasionally:

Very old creations of mine that are now substantial articles:


I strive to keep to Neutral Point of View as much as possible. However, I'm not perfect, and I do have a few soft spots / potential conflicts of interest.

I am a diehard inclusionist, especially when it comes to academics, though I try not to be a grump about it. I don't work a ton with biographies, especially BLP, but I believe that scientists and other academics on the low end of notability - including nonprofessionals like amateur astronomers - who make discoveries that endure in the historical record, even if not widely publicized, should have articles. If there is not a controversy over their work, and the resulting article would be neutral, I support it. See Kin Endate - one of the most prolific asteroid discoverers - for an example. I generally otherwise stay out of BLPs and AfD unless they relate to my technically-oriented editing.

I have a tendency to leave funny and sarcastic (though usually still clear) edit summaries after tedious, uncontroversial edits. I think I'm funny, even though I know I'm not.

And, if I do something monumentally stupid, be sure to slap me with a trout.

Useful stuff[edit]

And not so useful stuff[edit]