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This is a backup copy of PiALOGUE in case the entry gets deleted. -- PiPhD 20:44, 13 December 2005 (UTC)


PiALOGUE is a disambiguation communication process that enables people to reach ever greater levels of common understanding and awareness. PiALOGUE is written in ALL CAPS except for the lower case "i" to distinguish the word Pi as part of Pi Dialogue which became PiALOGUE. PiALOGUE began as an off-shoot of Bohm Dialogue or Dialogue in the Spirit of Bohm. Proponents of Bohm Dialogue prefer a form of free association conducted in groups, with no predefined purpose in mind other than mutual understanding and exploration of human thought with the aim to allow participants to examine their preconceptions, prejudices, and patterns of thought. PiALOGUE on the other hand has a purpose of triangulating or converging upon commonality where the participants endeavor to not only understand each other but to communicate their own knowledge and awareness with ever greater effectiveness for the people with whom they are in dialogue. PiALOGUE enables ever greater understanding of what is actual as opposed to what might only appear to be real or potentially illusionary. As the symbol Pi represents the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, as a means of finding the area of a circle or sphere, PiALOGUE is a process to determine the totality of what is or what can be known and/or understood similarly to using Pi along with measurable elements to compute the total area contained within a circle or sphere. The further out that you carry the non-ending decimal digits of Pi with your calculations the greater your level of accuracy. With PiALOGUE the longer that you participate, combining what you know or think that you know along with that which you learn or receive from other people, the more accurate (and practically useful) your own knowledge and awareness will become. In PiALOGUE terms, Enlightenment is an on-going process. PiALOGUE has an equation which is X -> 0 or as X approaches zero which refers to as a person's dysfunctional or less-than-optimal thought processes or emotional reactivity approaches zero or becomes less and less thereby enabling a person's genius to become more and more. A person realizes their own genius to a greater and greater extent to the point where they can understand another person or group's point-of-view well enough to communicate their genius to that specific person or group of people in the person or group's own form or style of language. PiALOGUE recognizes that true genius has its own internal language that facilitates genius for that specific person. The challenge is for each genius to figure out how to communicate that genius to and with other people on gradually lower and lower levels of intellectual capability in order to communicate with as many people as possible in each moment or as necessary.

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