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Staring into your soul.
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The Beginning[edit]

Hello. I am PiccoloNamek. Most people don't use my full name; Piccolo, Namek, or possibly just "Pic" will do just fine.

I first came to Wikipedia in mid-2004. My first edit under the name PiccoloNamek occured on September 26, 2004 at 3:09PM. This was my official entry into the Wikipedia world. Before then, I had made some anonymous edits, and had been reading Wikipedia daily for some time before that. No price can be put on the ability to access free information and knowledge whenever you want, and this is what I love about Wikipedia. You can read about almost anything here. Think about it, there is more information here than any world ruler of the past had in his biggest and most expansive libraries. And anybody with an internet connection can access it! Something about that is just so wonderful to me.

Cryptographic hash for City-Data: 28b1f947473bc3e57608e87e27e52472

Be sure to visit my photo gallery at User:PiccoloNamek/Gallery!


Articles I have contributed to significantly[edit]

  • Ai Yori Aoshi: I love this anime and I contributed greatly to the article by adding the images (which I took myself) and updating the character descriptions. Tina is so cool!
  • Pani Poni Dash!: Added many of the images, wrote or re-wrote many of the character descriptions.
  • Characters in Chobits: Chobits holds a lot of very deep meaning for me, and I felt obligated to help fix up this article. I rewrote many of the descriptions, and fixed others, and added all of the pictures.
  • Final Fantasy Tactics: I headed up an effort to improve this article. I wrote most of the Gameplay and Job Systems entries, and gained permission from the FFCompendium to use their character descriptions. I took and added the images as well.
  • Anything to do with Final Fantasy X: Being a self-proclaimed master of Final Fantasy X-dom, I have edited and worked on many, if not most, of the articles related to this wonderful game.

And any article that has one of my photographs on it.

In addition to working on Wikipedia, I am also an avid photographer who hopes to one day go professional. I consider myself to be fairly highly skilled, but there is still so much more I can learn, about both the technical and artistic aspects of photography.

Barnstars I have received[edit]

Tireless Contributor Barnstar.gif
Original Barnstar.png

A tireless contributor barnstar from JarlaxleArtemis for Spira.
A Barnstar from User:A_Link_to_the_Past for Spira
A Photographer's barnstar from User:Raven4x4x.