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These orphaned articles were detected in the database dump of June 26, 2004. (Some of the orphaned articles that were detected at that time have since been linked from other articles and removed from this list.) It includes articles that are not linked from other articles in the article namespace. Disambiguation pages should already be removed.

Special page Other versions Short pages User:Zorglbot/Shortpages DoubleRedirects Double redirects Uncategorized Category needed Uncategorized cats Long pages Wanted pages Most wanted Lonely pages Orphaned articles Dead-end pages Dead-end pages Dormant pages New pages Cross-namespace links Broken redirects Protected pages See also Maintenance Reports +/-

These pages can be removed from this list once:

pages have been adopted (by the creation of a link from one or several other articles); pages have been deleted (links already red or question marked); pages have been made redirects; pages have been marked disambiguation pages, usually with {{disambig}} pages are listed on Wikipedia:Duplicate_articles and marked as such, or have already been merged (redirected); temp pages have been moved out of the article namespace. After an update, they won't appear here.