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PIECEMEALCRANKY (piecemealcranky) or commonly referred to on certain occasions as pmc is a video game FAQ and/or walkthrough author, reviewer, and various other gaming-related contributor. His contributions are usually submitted to GameFAQs, a website which hosts FAQs and walkthroughs for video games and those alike. He started writing video game guides at an early age of 13, where his first FAQ/Walkthrough for Twisted Metal: Small Brawl on the PlayStation platform made its first appearance in GameFAQs, later being published in several other gaming websites. Throughout the years he has spent and dedicated most of his ample time not on FAQs alone, but he went on to contributing cheat codes, game credits and reviews.

He graduated from Bukit Bintang Boys' Secondary School and resides in Malaysia.

Nickname Origin[edit]

Both the words "piece" and "meal" are known to refer to the final boss of the game Twisted Metal: Small Brawl; "Piecemeal", and has been an influencial part of his nickname. The added term "cranky" at the end of the nickname has no definite source; hence it was either something out of the blue or figuratively made out. Since the name "piecemealcranky" is thought to be too long for most people to refer to directly, an abbreviation is used to refer to him (be it personal or otherwise); known to be "pmc". It is noted that his nickname does not begin with a capital "P" (despite its spelling in wikipedia), hence the word "piecemealcranky" (spelt with a small letter "p") is the precise spelling to refer to him.

Published FAQs/Walkthroughs[edit]

piecemealcranky has written several guides, be them a comprehensive or a non-comprehensive walkthrough. A full list of FAQs/Walkthoughs (non-general guides included) that were written and published in the recent and previous years are for the following titles (sorted by game consoles):


PlayStation 2[edit]


Almost all of his guides were written from A to Z, with Mafia as an exception. Certain guides are started off with ASCII art, but this applies only to the heading of the guides. They are all written in simple, plain English. Since the Golden Rule applies to all FAQ authors, he strictly abides to this and will most definitely credit a source.

Published Reviews[edit]

Apart from FAQs, piecemealcranky has reviewed and rated several games he has either completed (partially or completely), played or tested. Often times, he prefers to share his opinions when he thinks it's worthy to do so. Due to this reason, almost all of his games received good feedback and overview, altogether a good rating. Some of the games reviewed by piecemealcranky (since 2005) are as follows (sorted from the most recent published):

Wiki Contributions[edit]

Although piecemealcranky is mostly known for his interest in video games, he also has a vast interest on Japanese anime, and has contributed to many anime pages he encounters that lack info. He feels the pointless need to list out all his contributions, therefore his recent and past contributions can all be found at his Contributions Page, but most of all he enjoys editing the more "adult" pages since he figures they should be given a chance to be featured as a good article or assessed at a higher class on the assessment scale.

Apart from those, he also contributes to many video game pages, expanding any sections which have little to no information on a particular subject. As of now, piecemealcranky has been editing articles in Malay as well, due to the fact that he fluently speaks the said language. His Malay Edition User Page that is hosted on Wikipedia Bahasa Melayu shows most of his edits or his current projects on the run.

This editor has won the fantastic userbox award, for having some great userboxes!

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