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A friendly, natural communicator, I've extensive experience in client relationship management, sales and marketing. I have built autonomous businesses, lived on two continents and in four distinctly different cultures and am always ready to invest in personally rewarding projects with potentially attractive returns.

I've recently started editing on Wiki, its part of my work now :)

I lead the promotion of GBS among a local network of business partners to deliver advantages to our Students, Faculty and Alumni.

Part of my work has recently become to try and counteract the continus obnoxious editing brought about on the school's wikipage by our competition. I inherited this as I'm pretty good at English. This to and fro war in Wiki is probably part of an old feud that I do not know the origin of and that probably involves some challenged leaders who are typically at the origin of wars that soldiers have to fight and die for :( Which explains how I feel about this.

I really believe the world should be run by scientists who believe in the purity and beauty of it all without the search for power through manipulation and lies!