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Mickey Mouse
Author(s) Walt Disney
Floyd Gottfriendson
Current status / schedule Concluded
Launch date January 13, 1930
End date December 31, 1955
Publisher(s) Fantagraphics Books
Genre(s) Adventure, humor

Mickey Mouse is a syndicated daily and Sunday American comic strip which ran from 1930 to 1955.


Walt Disney was given sole credit for the strip in most newspapers, except for a few who also credited Iwerks. Walt Disney suggested letting the cartoonists sign their own work, but King Features syndicate believed that would lessen the market value of the strip. So Walt's name remained.

[[Ub Iwerks] penciled the daily strips for three weeks. (5)

FG took over the strip in 1930 and was still drawing it in 1967.

List of daily strips[edit]

Lost on a Desert Island[edit]

Race to Death Valley[edit]

Mr. Slicker and the Egg Robbers[edit]

Mickey Mouse in Blaggard Castle[edit]

When Blaggard Castle was first published many children became afraid of x-ray machines because of the professors' claim that x-rays could burn people's brains. This caused so much unease that one doctor from Western Pennsylvania Hospital in Pittsburgh wrote to the Disney Studios to complain. He received a response in the form of a letter from Mickey Mouse:

Dear Doc:

I'm awfully sorry you had trouble on account of my adventures in the comic strip. Of course I know X-Rays [sic] can't hurt you, but Horace didn't know it and the professors are all crazy, so they didn't! Do you see?
So I hope you'll show this letter to the little boy who was scared, and tell him that when anything gets wrong with ME, the first thing I do is go to a hospital. And then I do whatever the doctor tells me. 'Cause doctors always know best.
Your pal,
Mickey Mouse

An audio adaptation of Blaggard Castle was released on August 8, 2006 as Mickey Mouse in Blaggard Castle. It was narrated by William Woodson and featured Wayne Allwine as Mickey and Bill Farmer as Horace.