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Name Andy Mabbett FRSA
Born Birmingham
Country  England
Current location Birmingham
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I can't put this better than…

I agree with standardizing everything we can (and if it were up to me, we wouldn't have customizable signatures, but that's a different issue), because ultimately we would like to reduce the chore of building Wikipedia to a (necessarily very complex) algorithm. The more orderly Wikipedia becomes, the more tasks we can reliably relegate to bots, eliminating tedium and keeping the human work more conducive to generating the pleasurable sensations of flow. Teratornis, 11 Jan 09


Contentions need proper sorting, not cop-out guidance. Jack Merridew 22 Aug 2010


A few things which I believe:

  • Wikipedia, Wikidata, Wikivoyage and other so called "sister projects" should be seen as parts of one project, and more tightly integrated.
  • Wikivoyage should include Wikipedia links to individual features (e.g. museums, bridges), mentioned in its listings, where such articles exist
  • There should, eventually, be a Wikidata entity for every source cited on Wikipedia and sister projects; and each citation should call that entity, adding page numbers and quotes as appropriate.




"Eye-tracking study: Wikipedia readers look at table of contents first, then infobox, 'skim and scroll' long articles"; "many readers look only at the information box, summary text, lists, sub titles, references, or maybe only keywords": Full paper.

Wikipedia activity


Articles I want

Web for all

I believe strongly in adherence to web standards, making web pages as accessible as possible, to everyone, and that it's important to communicate using the simplest language necessary, to convey ideas clearly.


I usually surf with Chrome (formerly I used FireFox, using Operator for parsing microformats)), and sometimes other browsers, under Windows XP, on a 10" Lenovo netbook. I also use an HTC Desire HD mobile device, which is superb.


…I'd rather be out bird-watching.



If you wish to persuade me of something, the higher you are on this diagram, the more likely you are to succeed:

Graham's Hierarchy of Disagreement.svg