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Diffs and other links are all formatted in the same way. Either use the whole URL, including the http://, or better still, use the template {{Diff}}, which makes the link work across protocols (http:// vs. https://) and on our mobile as well as desktop sites.

  1. Diffs and links will work if they're simply pasted into your text like this:!&diff=prev&oldid=512088043
  2. Or you can make them neater by putting single (not double) square brackets round them. Typing this: [!&diff=prev&oldid=512088043] will give a link like this:[1].
  3. Or you can make them meaningful by "piping" them into alternative text. Typing this: [!&diff=prev&oldid=512088043 example edit] will give example edit. Notice the space between the link and the displayable text. #But the best way is using {{Diff}}: {{Diff|Deep End Live!|prev|512088043|example edit}}, which gives example edit. The template's documentation gives examples of the various formats available.
  4. You can also achieve this by pasting the whole URL into {{Url to diff}}, like: {{Subst:Url to diff|url=!&diff=prev&oldid=512088043|label=example edit}} Note the important Subst: prefix.