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Formed CA 5 billion BM
Dissipated Still Active...
First person born Feb. 2, 1734
Math Fairies
Lowest pressure 21 mbar (hPa)
Fatalities itself
the Multiverse

SciMathverse is a fictional universe in which people who love math live in. Such people are fictional Math Genius, Math Smart, Math Best, (me,) and Math Everything. They were created by myself. If there was to be a real SciMathverse, I would choose the address: 819 Pi Street, Pi City, Math Genius (state), Mathence.

About SciMathverse[edit]

SciMathverse is a fictional universe which was created by myself while I was writing an almost-published book.

Where I live in SciMathverse[edit]

My place in SciMathverse is 819 Pi Street, Pi City, MG (Math Genius), Mathence, Continent of Math, Northwestern Math-o-sphere, Northern Math-o-sphere, Math World, Math System (after the Solar System), Math neighborhood (after Local neighborhood), Science Galaxy, Math Group (after the Local Group of galaxies), Math Supercluster (named after Local Supercluster), SciMathverse, Multiverse. Since SciMathverse is not real, it will never be included in the Multiverse article.

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