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I am extremely happy to have my picture on Mossbrae Falls displayed as selected picture on California Portal. I guess, this picture is selected, not for its technical merit - but for the unique natural wounder of this waterfall. This reassures me that we live in a wounder full place (called earth) - just waiting to dance for us - just we need to be prepared to get to it's theater with wide open mind and heart. Thank you again.


My Wiki Talk(s)/Thoughts(?):

  • Wiki Wikipedia:Template. My intentions of creating wiki templates are
    • Wiki editors can share ideas from other similar articles that fall in the common interest
    • Increase the possibility of getting more relevant topics added
    • We can avoid "see also" sections
  • image upload - copyright
    • I have uploaded a bunch of waterfall pictures I have taken on my camera. While uploading, I have tried to give as liberal a copyright notice as possible... I don't care who/how the picrutes are used (I don't own and don't want to own any of the waterfalls :-) ). Still folks keep bouncing my pictures - don't know how to move on.
    • I want these pictures be restored or I can load them again - but, can some one point me to an easy page that suggests best possible selections to make in image upload page - so that no one will ever delete it for copyright/ownership reasons. I don't even need credit for the pictures I have taken (I am not a professional photographer - let these pictures be in place until some professional puts up a better picture there).
  • On vandalism: Delete: Well, it looks like Medha Hari has manged to get one of the marketing managers - using WikiPedia, Hindu and many other opportunities to promote. I suspect, it is the marketing manager $$gaining$$ through the efforts of popularizing her. If the WikiPedia author(s) is really serious with out any bias to write about Bharatanatyam and Tamil culture, s/he can get older pictures of Bharatanatyam placed widely on wiki - instead of Medha Hari's all over. This is THE most controversial wikipedia entry I have come across so far. --Pinecar 01:49, 1 February 2007 (UTC)

Wikipedia Accessibility[edit]

Wikipedia Accessibility definitions, as I see, are approaching the opportunity from physical disability point of view. Can we expand the scope of Wikipedia:Accessibility to include

  1. Read out aloud - think of AudioBooks accessible when visual accessibility is limited at specific planned/unplanned - time/place. This can help in distributing wikipedia articles to no internet/computer/power outlet scenarios as well.
  2. Like people make audio play lists and publishing playlists, we can have some way of people sharing their wikipedia article collections. This has some over lap with Wikipedia books project.
    1. This can help with people using the articles for offline use as well as collections
  3. Help for low internet bandwidth users
  4. There are other projects addressing the Offline snapshot - can be brought under Accessibility umbrella
  5. Language support can be another opportunity in accessibility domain
  6. Limited screen view (Mobile Phones) is another