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Aechmea fasciata2.jpg

My username, whilst a little long and unwieldy, is derived from the beautiful pink flower which is shown above. It is called Aechmea fasciata and it is a Bromeliad. I was delighted to find the Aechmea fasciata that I bought years ago was about to flower again. I duly note despite my nurturing, maybe too much here and not enough there, that it has been some years between flowers!

I am very much a hobby gardener. I have not found the Aechmea fasciata as easy to grow as most websites would lead you to believe. In part, aside from my nurturing, I think it is because I do live in Melbourne, Australia which is not exactly renowned for heat and humidity, a requirement of the plant. The Aechmea Fasciata is native to Brazil.

To other matters, I am a social researcher with decades of experience. I love researching and writing. Academically I have a Bachelor degree, a Masters degree and a PhD. I feel that I have earned my research stripes so to speak. I believe I have a solid base to contribute to research in general and to Wikipedia more specifically. There are always lots of things to learn and I think researching and learning go hand in hand.

I think Wikipedia is a great. What a wonderful initiative, project and activity to have and be part of a community that enables anyone to access encyclopaedic information free and online. I have been contributing to Wikipedia for many years and have done many edits.

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