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Birth name Ashley Miranda Hodge
Origin Quartier D'Orleans, Saint Martin
Genres R&B, pop, dance
Occupation(s) Singer,Actress,Songwriter.

Ashley Hodge (born August 24, 1993)[citation needed], is an Saint Martiner singer from Quartier D'Orleans Saint Martin . Hodge is know for begin the northeast Caribbean Girl with a big voice. Don't care what people say about her singing she has faith on what she do.In 2011 Ashley star began to upload cover songs to YouTube.Cover like Beyonce Knowles to Alexis Jordan. Ashley still do what she love hoping someone out of the island see what she have to on the table.

Life and career[edit]

1993-2009-2010: Early life and career beginnings[edit]

Hodge was born in Marigot is an French Saint Martiner Hodge mother works with Collectivité de Saint-Martin and your father works at Saint-Martin Cars Hodge began writing songs at the age of 13.Hodge is the only child her mother have and she have 2 half sister [1] At the age of eleven,people starting to see the talent she have as a little girl always singing.Hodge would always says she wanna be the first Saint Martiner to get a sign to the biggest get a record deal and working with the best artists in the game!

Ashley Hodge Joined Youtube on March 14 2011 singing her heart out.Still Singing making a lil bit of money to help get studio time.

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