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Name Katherine
Born (1970-03-17) March 17, 1970 (age 45)
Ohio Cincinnati, Ohio
Nationality American
Country  United States
Current location Illinois Elgin, Illinois
Ethnicity German American
Family and friends
Marital status single
Siblings 2 brothers
Pets 1 cat
Education and employment
Employer USDA, FNS
Education Associate of Arts
Bachelor of Arts
Master of Arts
High school Belvidere High School
College Rock Valley College
University Northern Illinois University
Contact info
Pink Fae subpages
Account statistics
Joined March 6, 2006
(9 years ago)
First edit Wedding Peach



en This user is a native speaker of English.
de-1 Dieser Benutzer hat grundlegende Deutschkenntnisse.
tl-1 Ang tagagamit na ito ay nakakapag-ambag ng Tagalog sa mababang antas.
es-1 Este usuario puede contribuir con un nivel básico de español.
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Non-ISO languages[edit]

Non-ISO languages
This user is a native speaker of American English.
1337-0 This user has no idea what 1337 is or prefers to contribute using proper words.
IntS-1 This uxor is a lamer at Internet slang, but still lieks to throw in teh occasional "lol" or "omg" on her blog.


they This user frequently uses singular they as it is a handy gender-neutral pronoun.
This editor writes carefully to avoid gender neutrality issues completely.
mankind This user supports the use of gender-neutral language.
Fucktext.svg This user believes that fuck is the most versatile word in the English language.
US This user uses American English.



FF project logo.svg This user is a member of the
Square Enix WikiProject
Rams This user is part of the Los Angeles Rams WikiProject
WikiProject WNBA.png This user is a member of the WNBA task force.


Sterling.png This user is a cat lover.
Catpupil03042006.jpg This user is a caring cat owner.
Cheetah4.jpg This user's favourite animal is the Cheetah.


P This user's favourite colour is pink.


@ This user does not wish to disclose her email or screen name.
Exquisite-gmail blue.png
This user uses Gmail as a primary email service.
Google 2015 logo.svg This user uses Google as a primary search engine.


Tetsubin1571.jpg This user drinks tea.
This user drinks Diet Coke religiously.
C2H5OH-1 This user drinks relatively infrequently. He or she is probably the better for it.
Thai Seafood Curry.jpg
This user likes to eat
Thai food
V This user is a lacto-ovo-vegetarian.
Pizza.jpg This user prefers eating pizza with pineapple.
Pizza.jpg This user prefers Chicago-style pizza. Flag of Chicago, Illinois.svg
Swiss cheese cubes.jpg This user eats cheese.


Board games[edit]

Board Games
ChessSet.jpg This user enjoys chess.
Riskgame2.png This user plays Risk.
Axis&Allies Afrique.jpg This user plays Axis & Allies.

Tabletop roleplaying[edit]

Tabletop Roleplaying
10 sided die.svg This user wishes she could play Role-playing games.
D&D This user plays Dungeons & Dragons.

Video games[edit]

Video Games
Final Fantasy wordmark.svg This user loves the Final Fantasy series.
LOTRO This user plays Lord of the Rings Online.
STO This user plays Star Trek Online.
Simleon.svg This user loves The Sims series.
Video Games
Gamepad.svg This user is addicted to video games.
Female.svg This user identifies as a girl gamer.
PlayStation 4 This user owns a PlayStation 4 console.
Exquisite-kfm home.png This user likes to play strategy games on a computer.
This user's SteamID is pinkfae.
PSN logo free.png This user's PSN ID is:


JohnnyCash1969.jpg This user is a fan of Johnny Cash id2
Kreator This user is a fan of Kreator
AM! Baby, this user is an Anarchist.
Wolfgang-amadeus-mozart 1.jpg This user's favorite composer is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
Nobuo Uematsu.jpg This user enjoys Nobuo Uematsu's music.
PD This user is a fan of Pansy Division
Sting 21111985 06 700.jpg This user walks in fields of gold.
Katy Perry's show in Berlin (edit).JPG This user loves Katy Perry.
Musical note nicu bucule 01.svg This user likes most types of music.
Stainer.jpg This user enjoys classical music.
Anarchy-symbol.svg This user appreciates real punk music.
This user enjoys listening to real metal.
Gamepad.svg This user enjoys computer and video game music outside gaming.


LA This user is a fan of the
Los Angeles Rams
CHI This user is a fan of the
Chicago Sky
FCBM This user supports FC Bayern Munich.



Books of the Past.jpg
This user enjoys reading almost anything
Robert E Howard suit.jpg This user enjoys the works of Robert E. Howard
Tolkien 1916.jpg
This user enjoys the works of
J. R. R. Tolkien.
Arda.Tengwar.svg This user is a fan of
The Lord of the Rings.
Quill and ink.svg
This user loves writing, but can hardly find the time to do so.
Open book 01.svg This user writes fan fiction.
Old book bindings.jpg This user is a book collector.


Clapboard.svg "For us, there is no spring. Just the wind that smells fresh before the storm."

- Conan (Arnold Schwarzenegger), Conan the Barbarian

Hatt2.jpg This user is an Indiana Jones fan.
MP Holy Grail.svg This user demands a shrubbery! Ni!
Christian cross.svg This user is not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy.
WhereRainbowRises.jpg This user has a feeling that we're not in Kansas anymore.
LOTR This user loves The Lord of the Rings, both the books and the films.
Matrix This user took the red pill, not the blue pill.
ST4 OK, make nice. Give this user the ray gun.


d'oh! This user thinks The Simpsons is simply...excellent.
Triquetra on book cover.jpg This user believes in the power of three.
VWORP This user is a Doctor Who fan.
Delta-shield.png This user enjoys Star Trek.
Solar eclips 1999 6.jpg This user watches H E R O E S


National Public Radio logo.svg This user listens to NPR.

Anime & Manga[edit]

Anime & Manga
*_* This user loves anime.
*_* This user loves manga.
FFU The Soil Charge Triad to use on you has been decided!
FMA This user believes in The Truth Beyond Truths.
This user can't log out of The World.
ラブレス This user likes the series Loveless
WP I am a Love Angel, I am Wedding Peach, and I'm very angry with you!



NIU This user attends or attended Northern Illinois University.
BA This user has a Bachelor of Arts degree in anthropology.
MA This user has a Master of Arts degree in anthropology.


Name This user's name is Katherine.
A TransGender-Symbol black-and-white.svg This user is a trans woman.
45 This Wikipedian is 45 years, 10 months, and 22 days old.
This user is a German American.
1 This user ranks a 1 on the Kinsey scale.
Userbox-single.svg This user is single.


No death penalty.svg This user believes that the death penalty should never be used.*
This user strongly supports
strict gun control
Female.svg This user is a feminist.
Female.svgMale.svg This user supports gender equality.
Gay flag.svg
This user supports the legalization of same-sex marriage.
Dome 1.jpg This user believes the First Amendment was written to protect freedom of religion, not abolish it.  
The Earth seen from Apollo 17.jpg This user wants a World Federation composed of Independent Nation States..
Small Flag of the United Nations ZP.svg This user supports the United Nations.
Gandhi August 1944.jpg This user believes in the power of nonviolence.
Icis space 1 user box.jpg This user supports peace in space.
Political chart.svg According to the political compass this user is Economic Left (-6.75) and Social Libertarian (-4.72).
According to the World's Smallest Political Quiz, this user is* a Political Liberal
(Personal Freedom: 70; Economic Freedom: 30).
lib This user is a liberal and doesn't understand why Americans have demonised the word.
A sunflower-Edited.png This user supports Green politics.
NHS NNUH entrance.jpg
This user supports
universal health care.
Berea College, Lincoln Hall, Berea College, Berea (Madison County, Kentucky).jpg
This user believes in
universal college tuition.
Chimpanzee-Head.jpg This user is interested in animal rights issues.
PC This user is pro-choice.


Flag of Illinois.svg This user lives in the U.S. State of Illinois
Metra City of Woodstock in Deerfield (cropped).jpg This user lives in or hails from Chicagoland. Sears Tower ss.jpg


Original Barnstar.png The Original Barnstar
From one Rams fan to another, enjoy this well-deserved award for continuously improving Rams-related content, including pre-St. Louis Rams content Roscoestl (talk) 14:30, 8 January 2008 (UTC)