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If you are reading this anywhere other than, you are probably reading an old copy of this page. Pinkville in no way endorses any commercial enterprise that creates or exploits such copy sites.

Pinkville is interested in a whole mess of things, with some expertise in political movements and figures, the history of liberation struggles, media analysis, art history and 19th century photography.

Strictly speaking, the username refers to this (and please read this), although other associations are inevitable and acceptable. I'm not very hopeful that Oliver Stone's upcoming film will do the subject justice...

Pinkville is on a little hiatus... reflecting on Theodore Sturgeon's assertion that 90% of everything is shit.

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probable first Wikipedia edit (as an anonymous editor)

  • 09:50, 26 November 2002 (hist) (diff) m Second Opium War (with embarrassingly incorrect edit summary)

two perfect anagrams

Cirrhotic lawmen
Earthworm clinic
Banco-ottico-1905-vettoriale (inverse).svg
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