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I am from the UK. I've loved video games since I can remember, and thanks to a friend, I can't stop watching anime. I love picking at spelling and grammar, though I'm not the best in the world at the latter. I hate Windows Vista. I love reading, especially fantasy and classics. I'm addicted to Neighbours. I am a chocoholic. I am unemployed and loving it, though my bank balance is not. My soul is gradually being stolen by Wikipedia.

Current works in progress[edit]

  • Ultima I - I've loved the Ultima series ever since I played an old borrowed copy of Ultima IV on my Sega Master System in the summer of 1995. Since then I've managed to get my hands on the Ultima Collection much to my extreme delight. I would love to see the collection of Ultima articles on Wikipedia reach FA status. This is the first time I've attempted to write anything major and in the past most of my contributions have been corrections of spelling and grammar.

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