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Combination Table[edit]

This table contains all known combination of Detroit City FC kits (shirt, shorts, socks) worn in an official capacity since the inception of the club. If you know of other combinations and have photographic evidence of their usage, please feel free to reach out to me. Training tops are not included. Training tops or other unreleased kits that might've been used in a friendly are likewise not included. Combinations of official kits that appeared in friendlies are included, especially if shared on official team social media accounts.

Year Manufacturer Title Sponsor Home Away Alternate Charity Charity Benefited Notes
2012 Nike Various
None None None Crest was on the right side of the kit.
2013 None
Wounded Warriors Rouge socks with the away kit appear in a few pictures including matchday.
Ruth Ellis Foundation Detroit City claimed their kits were the first official "pride" kits worn by a team in the US. Not verified. Season was remembered for having neither the home nor the away kit available for sale. Fans were able to purchase a gold training top with a red stripe down through the badge. Extra kits were later sold during the DCFC "garage sale" winter of 2019 along side other seasons' kits and shorts from all seasons.
2015 Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers
Detroit PAL
Freedom House Detroit
2017 Adidas
Alternatives for Girls Alternate kit was for the international friendly against Glentoran. Detroit City wore kits in the colors of the Detroit Cougars including the crest. The grey charity kits came at the height of the "Wolfpack" moniker that dominated much of the 2017 season.
2018 Lyft
United Community Housing Coalition
2019 Stroh's
We the People of Detroit The combination of away top and home shorts was nicknamed the "Kit-Man Moy" combo and was first worn because of a clash with visiting side Toledo Villa FC. It was worn a few times afterwards as well, even without a clash. Was also worn against the LA Force in Detroit City's first game as a professional side before the spring portion of the 2019–20 was aborted.
2020 Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers
None None The combination of home top with away shorts was spotted at a mid-season friendly played behind closed doors against Pittsburgh Riverhounds. The COVID pandemic meant that there was no charity match or kit.

Kit Colors[edit]

Colors are broadly grouped together (e.g. "sky blue" still falls under "blue") by the main color of the shirt's body.

Color Kit Seasons/Years Total
Rouge '12, '13, '14, '15, '16, '17, '18, '19, '20, '21 10
White '13, '14, '15, '16, '18, '19, '20 7
Black '14, '15, '17, '19 4
Gold '12, '17, '21 3
Camo '13 1
Yellow '16 1
Grey '17 1
Blue '18 1


Below is are listings of the broad elements included on the various kits.

Home Elements[edit]

Element Kit Seasons/Years Total
Plain '12, '16, '19, '21 4
Single Hoop '13, '15 2
Hoops '14, '17 2
Stripes '18 1
Pin Stripes '20 1

Away Elements[edit]

Element Kit Seasons/Years Total
Plain '12, '15, '16, '17, '18 5
Off-colored Sleeves '13, '19, '21 3
W/ Collar '15, '18 2
Single Hoop '13 1
Sash '14 1
Pin Stripes '20 1

Alternate/Charity Elements[edit]

Element Kit Seasons/Years Total
Plain '15, '16, '17 (x2), '19 5
Other Design '13, '14 2
Chevron '18 1

Matched Set Years[edit]

A "matched set" is defined as when at least the home and away kits share elements or aesthetics.

Kit Season/Year Element Kits using element
2012 Plain kit Home, Away
2013 Single rouge hoop Home, Away
2016 Plain kit Home, Away, Charity
2020 Pin stripes Home, Away