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I have been a wikipedian since July 8 2004. My area of interest on wikipedia is computing, specifically computing from the 1970s through to the mid 1990s. I'm a big fan of the computer company Commodore, which is currently my main focus on wikipedia.

Apple II / Apple IIGS / Apple III
Apple Lisa / Apple Macintosh
Atari 8-Bit (400/800/XL/XE)
Atari ST / Atari TT
Atari Falcon
KIM-1 / Commodore PET
Commodore VIC-20
CBM-II (B500)
Commodore 64 / SX-64
Commodore 16 / C116 / Plus/4
Commodore 128
Commodore 65 (C64-DX)
Commodore Amiga
A1000 / A500 / A2000 / A2500 / CDTV
A3000 / A500+ / A600
A4000 / A1200 / CD32
Sinclair ZX80 / Sinclair ZX81
ZX Spectrum / Sinclair QL

Atari 2600 / Atari 5200 / Atari 7800
Atari Lynx / Atari Jaguar
NES / Game Boy / Super NES /
Nintendo 64
SG-1000/ SG-1000 Mark III
Master System / Mega Drive
Game Gear / Mega-CD /Sega 32X
PlayStation / PlayStation 2

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I've tasked myself to replace pictures of consoles and computers that are of low quality, or have indeterminate copyright status. It amazes me how poor most pictures are on wikipedia, which is a shame, considering the time we wikipedians spent making articles interesting and informative. What is the point of creating a good article when it can be ruined by a horrible picture? It can be argued that a bad picture is worth a thousand words, but if you are going to bother to pick up that digital camera, then please do it properly! We should strive to be as professional as we can.


All my images are use the Creative Commons by-sa 2.5 licence, which basically means you have to give credit to the creator of the work. If you do happen to use one of my pictures, an email or message here on wiki would be nice, but that is optional of course.

A number of my images have been used in various Retrogaming publications. While I'm very happy for them to use my images, I am however dismayed that they do not follow the licence in which they are released by.

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C64c system.jpg Amstrad CPC464.jpg SegaMegadrive.jpg SegaMegadrive2.jpg C64Cmotherboard.jpg
Commodore 64c Amstrad CPC 464 Sega Mega Drive Sega Mega Drive II C64c Motherboard
Atari 1040STf.jpg Fuji F10.jpg Commodore64.jpg ZXSpectrum48k.jpg ZX Spectrum128K.jpg
Atari 1040ST Fuji FinePix F10 Commodore 64 ZX Spectrum ZX Spectrum 128K
Amiga500 system1.jpg Leander Amiga500.jpg Nikon 4100.jpg
ST Microelectronics M27C256B (2006).jpg
ZXspectrum mb.jpg
Amiga 500 Amiga 500 Nikon 4100 EPROM chip ZX Spectrum motherboard
Amiga500 system.jpg C64motherboard.jpg
Amiga 500 C64 Motherboard (1982)
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