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A Snow Plow - Cool! is a 2001 informational video produced by the Minnesota Department of Transportation, the Minnesota Local Road Research Board, and the Ramsey County Public Works Department targeted at 2nd-4th grade children.[1] [2] It detail the potential dangers of snowplows and how to avoid them. It also warns about other hazards associated with outdoor winter activities in Minnesota.

The video is shown to many lower school students in Minnesota, and plays on local cable stations in the state.[3]


The video tells the story of neighbors Althea and Donnie who are nearly injured in a snowplow accident. The day after a large snowfall, Althea and Donnie decide to build a snow fort next to the road. When a large snowplow drive by to clear the street, Althea and Donnie are inside the fort and cannot hear it. Fortunately the driver, Wendy, spots shovels lying near the fort and stops the plow to make sure no one is inside. When she finds Althea and Donnie she explains how dangerous building forts too close to the road is.

She also details other dangers of winter in Minnesota, like sledding toward the street, and waiting for the school bus on top of snow drifts. Wendy then plows down the snow fort to prevent other kids from playing in it and endangering themselves as well.[4]


  • Whitney Clemens as Althea
  • Joe Redmon as Donnie
  • Wendy Frederickson as Herself


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