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Sporks - 20070804.jpg
Spork Family
Mother, Plastik, Fry, Father
Spork Plus.jpg
A spork/spife hybrid
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View of downtown Pittsburgh and the Duquesne Incline from Mount Washington
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Welcome Committee

  1. Grab a Welcome Template
  2. Check for new users with red linked talk pages and blue linked contrib pages.
  3. Or, just check the list of edit contributions by newbies.

Watch New Pages

Check Wikipedia



MediaWiki::Bot scripts

Random pages

Cris Abrego, GRAWE insurance, Ikki Twins, The Biggest Loser (Netherlands TV series), The Biggest Winner, The Biggest Loser (UK TV series), The Biggest Loser South Africa, Tool Academy (season 1), Bands on the Run, A Double Shot at Love

To do

To clean up
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  2. Wikipedia:Database reports/Unused templates
  3. Wikipedia:Database reports/Eponymous templates
  4. User:RussBot/Orphaned templates/001
  5. User:Plastikspork/Orphaned templates
  6. User:Plastikspork/Orphaned templates/1
  7. User:Plastikspork/todo
  8. Category:Template loop warnings
  9. Category:ParserFunction errors
  10. Wikipedia:Database reports/Transplanted user templates
  11. Wikipedia:Templates with names differing only in capitalization
  12. Category:Articles using E without any arguments
  13. Category:Articles using Infobox character with multiple unlabeled fields
  14. Category:Settlement articles requiring maintenance
  15. Category:France articles requiring maintenance
  16. Category:Greece articles requiring maintenance
  17. Category:Germany articles requiring maintenance
  18. Category:Political party articles using deprecated parameters
  19. Category:Infobox person using deprecated parameters
  20. Category:Pages with broken reference names
  21. Category:Articles with incorrect citation syntax
  22. Category:Deprecated_templates
  23. Category:ParserFunction errors
  24. Category:Notable Wikipedians