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Platypus.jpg This user's favorite animal is the Platypus.
I AM the Platypus Man

Basic Info[edit]

Hi everybody. This is Platypus Man. I've been on Wikipedia since March 2005. A lot of what I fix are grammar and spelling, but I try to add new content where I can (especially about video games and other geeky miscellanea). Wikipedia (and all Wikis) are a marvel of our modern era and I'm glad to be a part of it. I'm also a part of a few others...

Here is my article at Memory Alpha, a Star Trek wiki, where I used to edit. Still a great compendium of Star Trek stuff.

I also joined Lostpedia, a Wiki about Lost. Great resource for the show, but less fun since it went off the air. My page.

About me[edit]

Well, I like the duck-billed platypus. A lot. It's kinda my thing. I like to play video games and watch TV in my spare time.

For future reference, if you see Platypus222 (or sometimes Platypus Man) on nearly anything, it's me. Because I'm that cool.

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