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Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny
(Kidō Senshi Gandamu Shīdo Desutinī)
Genre Drama, mecha, military, romance
Anime television series
Directed by Mitsuo Fukuda[1]
Studio Sunrise[1]
Licensed by
Original network MBS, TBS
English network
Original run October 9, 2004October 1, 2005
Episodes 50 and 2 specials (List of episodes)
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Gear Fighter Dendoh
(GEAR Senshi Dendoh)
Genre Mecha, Action, Drama
Anime television series
Directed by Mitsuo Fukuda
Studio Sunrise
Original network TV Tokyo
Original run October 4, 2000June 27, 2001
Episodes 38
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Gao Team[edit]

  • Galeon: This is the Mechanical Lion that brought Mamoru to Earth 8 years before Episode 1. He has a white body and a golden-yellow head. He doesn't speak, like most AI robots, but he has his own intelligence, and sometimes takes the initiative (when he fought EI-01 2 years before the action of the series, when he took on EI-02 in episode 1 and when he attacked the Zonder Robo). Guy can fuse with him and form GaiGar. This, however, this not his true form, because he was infected when fighting EI-01 2 years ago. His true form is that of Genesic Galeon.
    • GaiGar: When Guy performs fusion with Galeon, the Mechanoid GaiGar is formed. Its only weapon is the claws, reminiscent of Galeon, placed on the hands. However, to compensate for the lack of strength, it is very agile, due to the fact the Gaigar imitates Guy's movements. The cockpit (if it can be called as such) is situated in Galeon's mouth. GaiGar is 23.5 m tall. It can combine with either Stealth Gao or Drill Gao, or both, separately, in order to fly or to use the drill as a weapon. Drill Gao, in that combination, is placed on the arms, not the legs.


  • Gao Machines
    • Stealth Gao: A Stealth Jet that forms the wings, the forearms, and the head.
    • Liner Gao: A Bullet Train that forms that shoulder and the rest of the arm.
    • Drill Gao: A Drill Tank that form the legs.

When things get rough, Guy sends the request for Final Fusion to the Bay Tower Base/Orbit Base. Taiga, leader of GGG, approves the Final Fusion, while Mikoto starts the Final Fusion program and breaks the glass covering the activation button. Then, the 3 Gao Machines (Stealth Gao, Liner Gao, Drill Gao) combine with GaiGar, like armor on a soldier. Additionally, GaoGaiGar has a variety of attacks, of which some are based on the functions of the non-identical arms: the right arm is for attack, while the left one is for defense.

Star GaoGaiGar[edit]

  • Gao Machines
    • Stealth Gao II: A upgrade of Stealth Gao.
    • Liner Gao: A Bullet Train that forms that shoulder and the rest of the arm.
    • Drill Gao: A Drill Tank that form the legs.

After the GGG moved into space, the GaoGaiGar needed an upgrade in order to continue. Thus, the Star GaoGaiGar was created. It ultizes and upgraded Stealth Gao - Stealth Gao II, which adds to Space Nacelles and allowing it to travel in space freely.


  • Phantom Gao: With Galeon gone, there was no hope of creating a new GaoGaiGar without a new core section. Thus Phantom Gao was created to fill Galeon's place. When Guy combines with Phantom Gao, they form GaoFar, a new GaiGar.
    • GaoFar
  • Gao Machines
    • Stealth Gao III: A upgrade of Stealth Gao II.
    • Liner Gao II: A upgrade of Liner Gao, resembles a rocket instead of a bullet train.
    • Drill Gao II: A upgrade of Drill Gao.

When Galeon left with Mamoru, GGG felt it was necessary to create a new GaoGaiGar to protect Earth. After years of extensive research, the GaoFighFar was created. This King of Braves has all of the attacks of the original, except for the fact that the Phantom Ring effect is generated from the core section, instead of from Stealth Gao II. Its weapons are identical to GaoGaiGar's.

Genesic GaoGaiGar[edit]

  • Genesic Galeon: The true form of Galeon.
    • Genesic GaiGar: The true form of GaiGar.
  • Genesic Gao Machines
    • Gadget Gao: A Falcon that forms the wings, the lower arm, and the head. It also provides Genesic GaoGaiGar with a variety of different gadgets.
    • Protect Gao: A Dolphin that forms the left arm.
    • Broken Gao: A Shark that forms the left arm.
    • Straight Gao: A Mole with a Straight Drill head that forms the right leg. He is considered as the "Elder" of the two Moles.
    • Spiral Gao: A Mole with a Spiral Drill head that forms the left leg. He is considered as the "Younger" of the two Moles.

Tools of Gao[edit]

  • Dividing Driver:
  • Demensional Pliers:
  • Goldion Hammer: GaoGaiGar's most powerful tool, as well as the most dangerous. The Goldion Hammer was designed to destroy targets that were too powerful to be affected by the Hell and Heaven technique. More precisely, this weapon has the advantage of not damaging Gai, who was always putting his life at risk by using Hell and Heaven. The hammer generates an intense gravity field around itself that is comparable to the event horizon of a black hole, allowing it to strike a target with such force that the target's molecules are transformed into light, completely obliterating it. Due to the extreme danger of a weapon like this, the Goldion Hammer can only be used with official permission of the United Nations, as represented by a golden key carried by the 3G commander. Upon receiving authorization, the key is used to access a security lock at Mikoto's console, which she deactivates by sliding a key card that she carries with her. Initially, the hammer existed as a separate tool like the others, but this proved to be a liability, since the hammer's destructive force was so great that it actually caused damage to GaoGaiGar when it was first used.
    • GoldyMarg: To address this problem, the robot GoldyMarg was created, and the Goldion Hammer was integrated directly into his frame. Now, when the Goldion Hammer is activated, GoldyMarg's body transforms into a gigantic right hand which attaches itself in place of his normal right hand. Once done, GaoGaiGar can grasp the Goldion Hammer without fear of damage. This also allows for the "Hammer Hell and Heaven" technique, which was intended as an improved version of the existing Hell and Heaven. Using this technique, GaoGaiGar generates a large spike, which it drives into the Zonder using the Goldion Hammer, followed with a cry of "Hammer Hell!". The Marg Hand then extends a crowbar-like apparatus, which pulls the core from the Zonder without damaging it, with the cry of "Hammer Heaven!" GaoGaiGar then strikes the enemy with the hammer directly, transforming it into light. This is always done with Guy's signature battle cry of "Hikari ni Nare!!", which translates to "Become the Light!!"  This weapon has almost never failed in the whole saga. First time was in the last episode, when GaoGaiGar attacked Zondua by holding the Goldion Hammer without the help of the Marg Hand, and failed to destroy the enemy. Second time was in the second episode of the OAV (GaoGaiGar FINAL), when GaoFighGar used it against the replicant Star GaoGaiGar, but the latter destroyed it with Hell and Heaven Vita.
    • GoldyTank:
    • Marg Hand Mode:
  • Goldion Motor:
  • Gatling Driver:
  • Grand Pressure:
  • Molecule Plane:

Intelligence Team[edit]

Big VolFogg[edit]

  • VolFogg:
  • GunGlue:
  • GunDobel:

Symmetrical Docking[edit]

Rescue: ChoRyuJin (Ultra Dragon God)[edit]

  • EnRyu (Fire Dragon):
  • HyoRyu (Ice Dragon):

Tools of ChoRyuJin[edit]

  • Eraser Head:
    • Electromagnetic Eraser:

Build: GekiRyuJin (Attack Dragon God)[edit]

  • RaiRyu (Lightning Dragon):
  • FuuRyu (Wind Dragon):

Attack: TenRyuJin (Sky Dragon God)[edit]

  • AnRyu (Dark Dragon):
  • KouRyu (Light Dragon):

Enhanced Symmetrical Docking[edit]

  • GenRyuJin (Illusion Dragon God):
  • GouRyuJin (Strength Dragon God):

King J-Der[edit]

  • J-Bird:
    • J-Der:
  • J-Ark:

Tools of J-Ark[edit]

  • Silverion Hammer:

Mike Sounders 13th[edit]


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