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  • On September 6, 2006 it was decided that the total lack of change or improvement after multiple year long bans was worth an indefinite ban.
  • This user was banned by the Wikipedia Arbitration Committee for one year, beginning on March 11, 2004. [1]
  • On July 26, 2004, this ban was reset because of the use of a sockpuppet, user:Energybone [2]
  • In late July, 2005, Plautus again returned, and was again banned by the Wikipedia arbitration committee for a year. [3]
  • This ban was reset on August 3, 2005, due to the use of a sockpuppet, User:PrincessJO [4]
  • Plautus was banned on September 5, 2006, by User:Raul654 for a one-week period for having violated Wikipedia:No personal attacks, and on the following day the ban was made indefinite by User:Phil Sandifer.