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Hi, I'm a cinematographer. I'm a hard core inclusionist. I contribute mostly to articles about special effects, cinematography and computer graphics. Right now: Match moving,Sprite,Time-lapse,Shutter angle Nollywood

I'm a Graphic Artist Wikipedian and you can check out my gallery here and place requests on my talk page.

I'm also interested in making Wikipedia more like the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy or a more Terrestrial travel guide and so try to contribute to Geographical coordinates WikiProject stuff about mapping extensions can be found on my meta page here.

About my handle[edit]

Plowboy - comes from an incident in my teenaged years where I was asked to come eat by my uncle while I was sleeping. I replied that I needed to first "plow the office" which perhaps relates the hardwood floors in my parents office that appeared to me as furrows in my half-dream state. My family started calling me plowboy. Later I worked on a ranch and was photographed by that same uncle plowing a field.

Lifestyle - comes from a small fad in the late ninety's of adding the word 'lifestyle' to the names of fashionable magazines and product lines, such as Blue Adventure Lifestyle Magazine and Icon Thoughtstyle Magazine. Instead of a soda we could all drink Invigoration-Lifestyle-Beverages, ummm this new lifestyle tastes great. I found this newspeak absurd and so ironically attached lifestyle to the end of my name.

The fad has ended, these days it would be more appropriate to go by iPlowboy, but Plowboylifestyle lives on. Sometimes this is written as two words Plowboy Lifestyle. But if you really want to make me smile refer to me on talk pages as The Plowboy Lifestyle. ([[User:Plowboylifestyle|The Plowboy Lifestyle]]) I'm more than a plowboy, I'm a lifestyle choice.

In life my knicknames include:

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