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Lesson 3: Fun stuff[edit]

These are things you can do on Wikipedia that may be fun for you, for other users, or just things that aren't completely necessary.

User boxes[edit]

Crystal kthememgr.svg A userbox is a small rectangular box that looks like this.

Userboxes are ways to add pizazz to your userpage. They are somewhat controversial, for some think that they aren't appropriate for wikipedia. However, no one will get mad at you if you use them (I even got an award for my userboxes). All userboxes can be found here. Please do not add userboxes to any pages but your userpage and its subpages.

Userpage design centre[edit]

The userpage design centre is a place where one can learn how to design your userpage by adding subpages, menu's, backgrounds, et cetera. The instructions are pretty easy to follow, but pay most of your attention to the style section and the menus and subpages section.

Edit count[edit]

To get to your edit count, click on the "my contributions" link at the top of the page to the left of the "log out" button. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, where you will see a link that says, "Edit count". You will see statistics for your account. In the month counts section, it will ask you to create this page with any content. Please do so, for it will be necessary for the homework.


Wikilove is a systems of awards, mostly called barnstars (don't ask me why). They are ways to show appreciation to other editors. It may be more fun to get them than receive them, but no one would get them if people didn't give them. All barnstars can be found at Wikipedia:Barnstars, but you can also get a Wikilove button on your toolbar to more easily give barnstars. To install this button, go to your preferences page, click on "editing", scroll down to "Labs features", and check the Wikilove box. When you go to any userpage, there will be a picture of a heart next to the "view history" button. Click on it and follow the directions to give barnstars. If you want to uninstall this button, just go back to your preferences and uncheck the Wikilove box.

Service Awards[edit]

Service awards are a way to document the number of contributions you have and how long you have been editing. To see the service awards, go to Wikipedia:Service awards.


Userbox homework[edit]

Add at least three userboxes to to userpage or to your sandbox page.

Userpage design centre homework[edit]

Use at least three elements from the design centre on your userpage or sandbox page.

Edit count[edit]

Tell me how many total edits you have, how many months you have been editing, and what percentage of edits were to talk pages.

Wikilove homework[edit]

Give somebody a barstar for legitimate reasons. Two easy ways to find people to give barnstars to is by looking at the recent changes, or if you've interacted with another Wikipedian that qualifies for one, you can give it to them.

Service award homework[edit]

If you want to, you can give yourself a service award.

Happy editing!