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Plutonius is an avid supporter of the Wikipedia project and fully committed to improving its content. While for many years he has been only a passive user of Wikipedia, it is not until relativly recently that he decided to take active steps to improve the content of the online encyclopaedia. As many other good faith users, he continues his endless learning curve in the labyrinth of Wikipedia rules.

Being a polyglot by nature, Plutonius has the advantage of having a multi-cultural vision of different events and he aspires to bringing this dimenstion to any article he contributes to. People naturally tend to trust information available in their own language only. However, relying on one-language source is undesirable when it comes to creating a universal source of wisdom which is accessible to every person in the world irrespective of his or her mother tongue. Only when using all available reliable sources from different languages that an article can become balanced and instrumental in the rapprochement between different nations.

English language has a particular place in that concept, according to Plutonius. Being the main language of international communication, any source published in it has the potential of shaping people's minds with a power which is uncomparable to any other single language spoken in the world. It is therefore of particular importance that English-language articles accomodate any reliable sources, irrespective of their linguistic origin, to bring the articles to a common level of understanding among all nations of the world.