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My name is Logan Ingalls. I am interested in video games and computers, and have more than a passing interest in politics, mathematics, history, and many other little subjects.

My philosophy[edit]

I am primarily a mergist, with contradictory deletionist and eventualist leanings:

  • Merging small articles of limited scope into broader articles is always a good thing.
  • Conversely, splitting particularly long, broad articles into smaller articles is not a bad thing.
  • The notability and encyclopedic-ness of a topic should dictate whether it belongs on Wikipedia, not the quality of the current content.

My contributions[edit]

As of 29 December 2006, I've made about 1100 edits. Listed here are what I consider to be some of my more significant contributions. I'm usually fairly bold in updating minor things, which aren't listed here.

Thaddeus Vincenty - Frank Lucks Towers - Crossair Flight 498 - Gibbs-Donnan effect - List of Fortune 500 - 24 Hours in Cyberspace - Airsickness bag - Frank Emerson - Diagrid - List of Major League Baseball franchise post-season droughts - Hearst Tower - Distribution Media Format - Nuts4Nuts - Connecticut Constitution - NGC 3314 - Image:Ngc3314.jpg - 1556 Shaanxi earthquake - F-Shape Barrier - Image:Fshape.png - Cemetery 117 - Kimberly Bergalis - Lynne Cox - Ian Lygo - List of cities that failed in their bids to host the Olympics - Isaac Asimov's Robot City - Game Boy - List of emergency special sessions of the United Nations General Assembly - Handheld game console - Bear Mountain - Danbury Fair - Danbury, Connecticut - List of United States Presidential assassination attempts - List of Kings of Rohan

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