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Hi, my name is Povilas and I'm from Vilnius, the capital of a currently tiny, but historically famous Baltic state called Lithuania, the Homeland to just 3 million people. The country is possessed with the game of basketball and I'm no exception in that as well! Consequently, my edits in Wikipedia mostly focuses on this sport branch and the other Lithuania-related topics. The Lithuanian language is understandable to only 3 million of people worldwide (and is regarded as one of the toughest languages to learn for the foreigners due its complexity). As a result, my main goal is to make the Lithuania-related topics accessible in the foreign languages (mostly English) as much as I am able to. I might accidentally do some grammar or style mistakes by writing the large Lithuanian sources based texts due to the significant differences between the Lithuanian and the English languages. If so, please correct them! Thanks!

Feel free to contact me at my talk page.

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