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PoizonMyst is a very busy mum in real life.
Please excuse any delay in reply to messages posted on her talk page.
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Amplang is a traditional savoury fish cracker snack commonly found in Indonesia and Malaysia. Amplang crackers are commonly made of ikan tenggiri (wahoo) or any type of Spanish mackerel, mixed with starch and other materials, and then fried. Their size and shape varies, from traditional elongated "tiger nails", to dice, to ping pong balls. The colour may range from yellow to light brown.

The upper scale mark shows 1 cm while the lower one is 1 inch.Photograph: Chris Woodrich

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About me[edit]

Hi! Welcome to my userpage.

Since its inception I have avoided joining Wikipedia because I knew, once registered, I would get lost in the labyrinth of it's pages. With the responsibility of six children, a mother has little time to indulge in personal projects for pleasure. But, after discovering the wikibooks project, I could resist no longer!

Research is something I've always enjoyed, so an encyclopedia is just the place for me. Sourcing reputable references for uncited material in existing articles is something in which I will be eager to participate ... not to mention the nagging temptation of other wiki projects, especially wikibooks, wikiversity, and commons.

I was once a spelling and grammar nazi, however I admit that internet forums and chat have made me somewhat lazy. My excuse? Unless I'm writing a thesis, I see no need to make casual conversation so prim and proper. Well, that excuse isn't going to cut it here so I'll just have to make an extra special effort.

Digital painting of PoizonMyst

On the most part my errors will likely be of a grammatical nature or simple typos, so feel free to help me out when I position that semicolon in the wrong place or forget to hyphenate, and don't hestitate in letting me know the error of my ways here. I am a staunch advocate of the Oxford comma.

I enjoy reading and writing, visual arts, web design, music, craft, astronomy and science, archaeology (including historical revisionism), anthropology, philosophy and theology, current affairs, conspiracy theories, television shows and movies, documentaries, stand-up comedy, and my favourite colour is purple. I am a pro-cannabis, human rights, anti-war, nonpartisan political activist, and a direct descendent of John Frith the martyr. I believe in spirituality, but not in institutionalised religion.

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No Conspiracy[edit]

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Amazingly, this was the featured article on July 9th 2009!

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